NHL Rumours: Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators

NHL rumours

The midweek version of NHL rumours are here for all to enjoy and pass along to your social media. Last Word on Hockey has you covered. We will update you with the latest news as we research it for you. So, sit back relax and see what is going on with NHL rumours today. We cover the Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, and Ottawa Senators in today’s portion of NHL rumours.

NHL Rumours

Montreal Canadiens

Rumour: With the way the New Jersey Devils have started the season, there is plenty of talk about how to get the ship back on course this new season. Part of that discussion according to Luke Fox of Sportsnet.ca is the possibility of trading Taylor Hall ($6 million cap hit) if the team can’t come to a contract resolution acceptable to both parties. He’d be an excellent rental player for some team to grab before the deadline.

Analysis: One team that Fox mentioned who could be very interested in obtaining a talent like Hall is the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens tried in vain to add a valued scorer over the summer. GM Marc Bergevin has a large pool of prospects, 2020 draft picks (10 in the first five rounds) and enough cap room to accommodate ($6.4 million). Does that put the Canadiens in the driver’s seat to try and add a scorer who could catapult them into the playoffs and farther? Maybe. It would depend on what the Devils would get in return. Bergevin has lots of tools in his toolbox of potential options to entice the Devils.

Would he give up his best scorer in Max Domi, straight up? Hmmm…

Vancouver Canucks

Rumour: TSN’s Insider Trading covers how Troy Stecher is not playing top-four minutes and how he could be the target of a trade. Bob McKenzie put it best, “The same little rumble that you’ve heard, I think everybody has kind of heard it and [are] trying to figure out how much significance to attach to it. But the reality is that if Tyler Myers and Chris Tanev are both going to be healthy and play ahead of him, then probably you’re right. Then he’s probably not going to love third-pair minutes, and maybe he’s an asset that’s more valuable than that, though not on the Canucks.”

Analysis: McKenzie also noted that if Stecher does become available there would likely be lots of teams interested. He was was quick to explain how there might be an issue with how the Canucks would value him compared to what the offers may be. Through the first three years of his NHL career, Stecher has averaged close to 20 minutes a game. Yet he has logged under 14 in six of eight games this season for the Canucks. Stecher does provide the depth on the blueline that this team sought. Thinking of moving him now seems a bit senseless.

We’ll see how this one plays out.

Ottawa Senators

Rumour: The Ottawa Senators have only won one game. That was an impressive win against the powerhouse Tampa Bay Lightning. TSN’s Insider Trading discussed how they are needing help in just about all areas except maybe goaltending. They need to step up their compete level. Will GM Pierre Dorion look to make some deals that will get his team winning?

Analysis: The Sens are not playing winning hockey. The stats don’t lie. They are second to last in goals scored, dead last in powerplay efficiency and tied for last in shooting percentage. If you watched the game against the Arizona Coyotes it was very noticeable that the team took unnecessary penalties and that always puts you in the hole. So far, they haven’t determined how to get out.

A shakeup could be in order and this is a young team. Perhaps bringing in a couple experienced veterans via trades would do this team some good. It can’t be all up to Brady Tkachuk to turn things around. He’s only one guy. A player in the mold of Artem Anisimov could do wonders for this dismal display of offence they have been putting out on the ice.

Something’s got to give.

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