2019 NHL Draft Lottery Set for April 9

2018 NHL Mock Draft
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The 2019 NHL Draft lottery will be April 9 according to an announcement by the league. The lottery is salted for 8 p.m. ET in Toronto. NBCSN, Sportsnet and TVA Sports will do a one-hour show.

2019 NHL Draft Lottery Will be April 9

Moving the lottery to the night before the playoffs will be a change from past years. Previous lotteries have been held during the opening round of the post-season in previous years. The NBA usually did the same thing were the lottery would happen during halftime of a playoff game.

The 2019 NHL Draft Lottery will consist of three drawings. The first lottery draw will determine the club selecting first overall, the second draw will determine the club selecting second overall and thefinal d will determine the club selecting third overall.

All 15 clubs that did not qualify for the playoffs or have picks from non-playoff teams will part of the lottery.

2019 Odds (unchanged from 2018)

(Non-playoff team – fewest points to most)

1 – 18.5%
2 – 13.5%
3 – 11.5%
4 – 9.5%
5 – 8.5%
6 – 7.5%
7 – 6.5%
8 – 6.0%
9 – 5.0%
10 – 3.5%
11 – 3.0%
12 – 2.5%
13 – 2.0%
14 – 1.5%
15 – 1.0%

The odds will change proportionally for the last two draws. Draft picks four to 15 are  assigned from least points to most.

The Last Word

The Ottawa Senators currently hold the best odds to win the top draft pick. However, their pick would go to the Colorado Avalanche as part of the Matt Duchene trade. The Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and New Jersey Devils all have a strong chance to win the top pick. United States National Development team forward Jack Hughes is the coveted prize for the team that gets the top overall pick.

The 2019 NHL Draft will take place at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. The first round is Friday, June 21. Rounds 2-7 will take place Saturday, June 22.

The 2019 NHL Draft Lottery will be held on April 9 in Toronto. (Getty Images)