You Would Think: William Nylander Could Be The Change The Philadelphia Flyers Need

William Nylander

YWT #44- One Word: Embarrassing

You Would Think: A Potential William Nylander Trade?

The time has come again to discuss William Nylander ending up in a Philadelphia Flyers jersey. While an offer sheet grows more unlikely by the day, a trade may not. With the loss of Auston Matthews for nearly a month due to injury, the Toronto Maple Leafs may be looking for options to boost their scoring.

On the flip side of this equation, we have the Philadelphia Flyers. Currently sitting at 4-7-0, fans in Philly are clamouring for a change. A massive -14 in goal differential thus far, the Flyers seem to be stagnant on offence and porous on defence.

Is there a match made in heaven this year?

Wayne Simmonds’ contract expires at the end of the year and is known throughout the league as one of the more team-friendly deals in the NHL. The Flyers could package Simmonds (to help the Leafs this year), current Lehigh Valley Phantom Philippe Myers (to shore up the Leafs D-corps), and a draft pick (a 2019 second, perhaps), in exchange for the RFA winger. The Philadelphia Flyers could then sign the young Swede to a bridge deal, and solidify their rebuilding efforts with their forward group. Toronto, on the other hand, gets a physical scoring threat in Simmonds, while avoiding some salary cap trouble in the next few years.

On this week’s You Would Think, the guys talk about the possibility of adding Nylander, as well as the recent Flyers struggles, and a quick recap of the Philadelphia Eagles game in London on Sunday.


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  1. Lol sorry pal the leafs aren’t going to accept an expiring contract, a minors d man, and second for Nylander…. try provorov and we are talking.

  2. LOL..yeah, I’m pretty sure Nylander for a 30 year old Simmons and an injury plagued AHL player who Calgary already gave up on ain’t gonna get it done. The second round pick is just comical. With the Leafs forward depth they are not forced whatsoever to trade Nylander. He can sit all year. Even an offer sheet is a far better return then your godawful package. Sorry dude!

  3. Nylander? A proven, blue chip prospect. For a 30 year old who’s a free agent very soon, an injury plagued AHL’er that Calgary already passed on and…a second rounder??? You can’t be serious??? I guess some people are a little too used to the Leafs of old playing Santa Claus for the rest of the league. Those days are over. You wouldn’t even get Martin Marincin for what you’re offering.

  4. man…you guys must have some very good crack down there…….and i thought there was alot of idiots in Leafland……this takes the cake

  5. HAHAHA. Now come on boys , don’t you think Philly would be overpaying with that joke of an offer you put together? Why not keep the second rounder and send them a mint 1974 Caddy once puked in by Don Saleski? Freakin’ morons!

  6. I would literally kill myself if the leafs EVER EVEN CONSIDERED THIS DEAL. Why you think Dubas would ever do this deal is beyond me. If Provorov (as Toth said) were on the table the Leafs would consider it. Also one of the bonuses you said of this deal for the leafs of relieving cap pressure is right but if we wanted to give him away we would have done so already. Also by that logic we should trade Matthews and Marner too. Relieve even more cap pressure!!!! Also because Matthews went down for a month does not imply we need scoring help for a month. If you haven’t noticed the Leafs games this season don’t really matter that much (aside from home ice advantage) the season will be defined by how we do in the play offs. So to think we’d trade Nylander for immediate scoring help from a 30 year old veteran is absolutely insane.

  7. Dude, stupid things like this will literally ruin your reputation as a writer. The only way the leafs even listen to an offer from philly is if you start with ghost bear or provorov.

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