Toronto Maple Leafs Officially Unveil Stadium Series Jerseys

Leafs Stadium Series Jersey

After an accidental leak on three days earlier, The Toronto Maple Leafs have officially unveiled their stadium series jerseys for their upcoming outdoor game against the Washington Capitals.

Toronto Maple Leafs Stadium Series Jerseys Unveiled

The Details

As with all good jersey designs the beauty is in the details. For this version of the Leafs jersey, the details are plenty.

White on White on White

The first thing you notice about the entire uniform is the colour, white. Sure the jersey is white which is common for visiting teams nowadays. But the rest of the uniform, gloves and pants included are all white. Forgoing the usual blue gloves and pants they usually wear, Adidas and the Leafs brass went with all white to feed them into the team from the north narrative that many associate with the club. While it is a bold statement (only the Vegas Golden Knights use white gloves regularly) some fans may not like the look.

Naval Salute

If you look closely at the collar you’ll see a three-word phrase. The Leafs have become synonymous with this design as they usually have their “Honour. Pride. Courage.” behind their necks at all times. But for this jersey, the Leafs brass decided they would give a salute to the Royal Canadian Navy and instead use the navy credo “Ready, Aye, Ready”. A nice touch that helps connect these jerseys to the Washington ones, as well as the game, is being played at the Naval-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis.

Honour. Pride. Courage.

For those wondering where the Leafs catchphrase went, you don’t have to look much further than the left sleeve. As with many Leafs jerseys, the sleeve has stripes on it. If you look at the top stripe of the left sleeve you will see the Leafs famous phrase in a tonal deboss on the blue stripe. Clean and simple, it allows the Leafs to carry their ideology in the ice with them still.

Outdoor game connection

While this design may be new, it does strike some semblance to the jerseys the Leafs wore in the Centennial classic just last year. With a solid colour design with lines going horizontal, it is similar. The difference being the centennial jerseys had one big white stripe going behind the logo instead of two smaller ones.

The Game

The Naval inspired outdoor game is still three weeks away, but the jerseys are now available from both teams. And with both teams playing well, it could be a great matchup come March third. The Leafs currently sit third in the Atlantic division with 69 points in 56 games. They are 17 points clear of the fourth place team, the Florida Panthers, and well on their way to another playoff birth. The Capitals, meanwhile, are sitting in first place in the compact Metropolitan division, also with 69 points but in 54 games. They are only 12 points up on the Last place team in the division though, the New York Rangers. If both teams can continue this they will both be playoff ready for the outdoor meeting.

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