New York Islanders Looking to Play Games at Nassau Coliseum

The New York Islanders willl be making a homecoming to the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum next season. The club will return to its old home for a dozen of games next season while the new arena at Belmont Park is being constructed. This news comes from multiple outlets.

New York Islanders Heading Home

The Islanders have committed to playing 12 home games at the Coliseum next season, but the Barclays Center wants the team to commit to more games. Barclays can opt out of the lease after the 2018-19 season and that would leave the Isles homeless, according to a source.

The Barclays Center wants to force a new deal because the arena loses money on every home game. Barclays wants a new three-year lease that would run until the opening of the new arena at Belmont Park in 2021-22.

On NBCSN Bob McKenzie noted that the Islanders have a deal in place that would see the Islanders play 12 games at the Coliseum next season and will split their home games 50/50 for the next two seasons until their new arena is ready.

Currently both parties have until Jan. 31 to opt out of the 25-year lease that was agreed upon in 2012. Politicians like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are urging both parties to make a deal.

The Islanders played the Coliseum from 1972 until 2015 before moving to the Brooklyn-based arena. Complaints about sightlines and poor ice conditions have soured the relationship between the two sides. The Isles also rank last in attendance with 12,059 while Barclays lost $6 million on the team.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was at unsure if the newly remodeled Coliseum would meet standards to host games. However, he’s since changed his tune after political pressure from Cuomo and other New York politicians. Bettman toured the facility on Jan. 9 to determine the usability of the former home of the Islanders.

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