Patrick Eaves Diagnosed with Guillain-Bare Syndrome

Patrick Eaves

Anaheim Ducks forward Patrick Eaves has been diagnosed with a disorder known as Guillain-Bare Syndrome. Eaves, 33, was acquired by the Ducks as a rental piece at last year’s trade deadline. He decided to re-sign with Anaheim in free agency this past summer. Eaves signed a three-year deal worth $9.45 million dollars, with a cap hit of $3.15 million per year.

Patrick Eaves Diagnosed with Guillain-Bare Syndrome

Guillain-Bare Syndrome is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nervous system. Weakness and tingling are usually the first symptoms that arise from the disorder.

Eaves was picked 29th overall by the Ottawa Senators in the 2003 NHL Draft. He spent two more years playing for Boston College before making the jump to the NHL. Patrick Eaves played a total of 157 games with the Senators before being traded to the Carolina Hurricanes in 2011. The Senators sent Patrick Eaves and Joe Corvo to the Hurricanes for Cory Stillman and Mike Commodore.

In addition to playing for the Senators and the Hurricanes, Patrick Eaves has moved around a lot throughout the NHL. Eaves also played for the Detroit Red Wings, Nashville Predators, Dallas Stars and to present date, the Anaheim Ducks. Eaves has played in 626 games in the NHL, he has 132 goals and 110 assists for a total of 242 career points.

Patrick Eaves Value to NHL Teams

Eaves was never known as a sniper throughout his career, but had a remarkable season last year. He put up 21 goals with the Dallas Stars, and 11 with the Ducks for a total of 32 goals in the 2016-17 season. He also scored 20 goals in his first year in the NHL with the Ottawa Senators. Outside of those two big seasons, he’s generally been used as a depth player, with responsible play in the team’s bottom six.

Eaves is no question a good NHL hockey player and a useful one, but when health issues get in the way, he will no doubt put his health first before the game as he should. The hockey world hopes Patrick Eaves has a speedy recovery and is able to play again sometime in the future.


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