Wake Forest Football Embarks on Spring Camp


As Wake Forest football embarks on Spring camp, head coach Dave Clawson is putting out a roster unlike anything in the last few years in Winston-Salem. So what can we learn from the first day of Spring practice? More importantly, what can Clawson learn about his team? Time For Turnover “This is the fewest amount […] READ MORE

Spring Camp for Wake Forest

As we hit the beginning of Spring camp for Wake Forest football, there are some big storylines that need attention. Some are more obvious than others but all are subjects head coach Dave Clawson and his coaching staff will need to answer over the next month. The quarterback question is not a matter of who […] READ MORE

Wake Forest’s 2023 Schedule and Future Changes


In the midst of the made-for-tv announcement of ACC football schedules, comes some new guidance on out-of-conference schedules. Wake Forest’s 2023 schedule is set, but there may be changes in the OOC schedules down the road. The Schedule For the purposes of creating tv content, the ACC turned the announcement of the upcoming football schedules […] READ MORE

The ACC’s Revolving Door For Quarterbacks


The storyline for ACC football going into the 2022 season was the return of most of the starting quarterbacks in the conference. Every quarterback in the ACC Atlantic Division was returning to their team. With a couple of months to go before Spring camp begins in earnest, one of the storylines will be the ACC’s […] READ MORE

Clemson Swinging For The Fences

Dabo Swinney may be one of the most stubborn coaches in college football when it comes to his beliefs on the game. He may get Quixotic when it comes to player movement or how compensation for Name, Image, and Likeness gets players paid. One thing he is not though is complacent when it comes to […] READ MORE

Where Does Wake Forest Go Next?

Dave Clawson wants you to know he is all good with you being disappointed in Wake Forest’s 8-5 record this year. Clawson, in fact, wears it as a badge of honor. Sure, he wishes Wake had won more games. But Clawson says the disappointment signifies a ramping up of the expectations in Winston-Salem, and he […] READ MORE

Pitt Beats UCLA 37-35 In El Paso


In the sports writing world, we call this lede re-write number three. That is what Pitt and UCLA created at the Sun Bowl. In a back-and-forth game that seemed over when UCLA scored with 34 seconds left,  Pitt beats UCLA 37-35 in El Paso Friday. Among The Missing The Panthers went in missing many of […] READ MORE