Kendal Briles Recruiting Infractions Charges Rise Again

Less than two years after Baylor University offensive coordinator Kendal Briles recruiting infractions cost him a suspension, Briles is the subject of another investigation with similar charges.

Kendal Briles Recruiting Infractions Charges Rise Again

Briles met with officials from the National Collegiate Athletic Association on Wednesday in Indianapolis, according to ESPN. The purpose of the meeting was to inform Briles of allegations that he had improper contact with current Bears‘ safety J.W. Ketchum in the fall of 2014.

This comes on the heels of Briles’ suspension for the first game of the 2015-16 season, after the NCAA concluded he violated recruiting standards in regard to evaluation of potential recruits that spring.

Baylor’s Response to the Charges

There has been no official comment from Briles, the Bears, or the university as of yet. NCAA rules do prohibit parties of interest from commenting on investigations that are ongoing. That doesn’t mean that Baylor is sitting on its hands and waiting, however.

As is often the case, Baylor is trying to ascertain the degree of the allegations and reduce any possible discipline. Having a second instance of such discipline for recruiting infractions would be another black eye for the program.

Ramifications for Baylor and Briles

Outside of Briles’ proficiency as an offensive coordinator, he is actually more highly regarded as a recruiter. He is considered the Bears’ best by the program, and in 2014 was named the top recruiter in the Big 12 by three different publications.

If these allegations prove to be true, it would most likely result in a lengthier suspension for Briles, as it would be a repeat offense. He could also be put on probation and/or barred from recruiting duties. If the NCAA doesn’t put at least a halt to his recruiting, Baylor might do so as a form of self-discipline.

Damage to Briles’ reputation among his peers and the media is a likely outcome, even if the investigation turns up little if any proof that intentional, serious infractions actually occurred.

The loss of Briles as a recruiter as opposed to a coach is what would be most damaging to the Bears.┬áIn addition, the simple fact that a second investigation is being conducted into Briles’ practices does nothing to help a program that is already struggling to repair its image in the court of public opinion.

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