NCAAB 2023: Which Teams Will Most Likely Enter the Final Four?

Final Four

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is gearing up for the most anticipated Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, popularly known as March Madness, happening from March to April this year. With that, many fans are preparing as early as today to see which names will reign, starting with the Selection Sunday on March 12.

With 68 participating teams on the list ready to find a spot on the top rankings for the national championship game, much enthusiasm and excitement are expected to fill the tournament. The early odds and ranking are all over the internet, as online bookies are up to give fans some overview of the favorites expected to bring home the championship title. Here are the teams most likely to enter the Final Four in this year’s March Madness.

NCAAB 2023: Which Teams Will Most Likely Enter the Final Four?

Houston Cougars

When talking about the best teams expected to enter the top ranking up to the Final Four, Houston Cougars are undoubtedly always part of the list. Known for their intense strength on the court, notably for elite defense and player experience, the Cougars are for sure on the lead to the Final Four.

Highlighting the team’s defense, it is no secret that the skill has been their identity and is considered one of the best in the defensive category, ranking third among the Division I teams. This reflected how the Cougars pay close attention to the defensive game plan and efficient approach to team play and chemistry among players.

Aside from their in-play strengths, the Cougars are in no denial that they have more to work on, especially with rebounds. As they continue to give out dominant wins ahead of March Madness, the team is still aiming to improve in other aspects like rebounds and offense with excellent hustle play and attitude. These skills and perseverance will help them maintain a spot in the latest rankings and odds to win March Madness.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Another strong team on the list is the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Crimson Tide showed incredible guard and backcourt strengths with their latest strong recruits and transfers. Their depth and skills in the mentioned positions enable the team to maintain great play, leading a spot on the latest rankings. With that, the Crimson is expected to show outstanding on-court performance until the national championship.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is also known for its defense and sharpshooters, which enabled the team to achieve numerous victories over the last and current seasons, including their recent successful top-seed spot in the East.

Although it can be more challenging for the team this year, the fresh faces and experienced players are confident to show more of their productive abilities on the court with enhanced team culture, match with great communication as they step forward for the championship title in March Madness.

Purdue Boilermakers

High-ceiling players, sharpshooters, and top-notch defense? The Purdue Boilermakers indeed got these skills and talents to possibly make it to the Final Four. The Boilermakers’ notable strength in the frontcourt has continuously made way for the team to bring on three-point shots and enhanced down-low forces, leading to efficient pull-down rebounds and achieving great control throughout the match.

The Boilermakers’ team players are known for their initiative in stepping up the game with point shots and chemistry with defense. Thus, making the team’s frontcourt, and even the center, a big challenge for most of its opposing teams. Not only that, but Boilermakers can also go big behind the arc.

With the latest recruits focusing mainly on height and shooting abilities, the team’s priority for this year’s season is to have more players who can lead the squad with more opportunities for successful attempts and shots. Moreover, the Purdue Boilermakers’ unique take and approach on benches allows them to have an even bigger edge in bringing in more talented players to the game if needed.

Kansas Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks are known for their outstanding style and assist. This makes the team a tough opponent with their strength in assists, efficiently leading to successful ball possession, catch, and score in most scenarios. In terms of offense, the Jayhawks have great ability in maintaining control through a team play ball spread, thus, again, putting more highlight on their assist.

These exceptional skills and techniques the team has continuously shown on the court make it more than a possibility that they can maintain a spot for the Final Four. Moreover, the team is keen to bring out a stronger lineup with returning veteran players while the freshmen work closely on strengthening the frontcourt.

With natural leaders in the point guard position, defense, and backcourt, the Jayhawks are ready to achieve their top goal this year – to enter the Final Four again and win the championship title.


March Madness has undoubtedly showcased skillful and talented teams worthy of attention and recognition. The tough competition between teams has made the tournaments even more exciting for everyone to witness.

As there is still more time before the championship game, there can still be possible changes in the coming top rankings. Thus, you must put on keen eyes to know which teams can bring on great madness until the championships.