Yannick Nzosa: 2022 NBA Draft Profile

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Yannick Nzosa is a 6”10 center currently playing for the basketball club Unicaja Malaga of Spain. Nzosa was born in Kinshasa, in the Dominican Republic of the Congo. While he has been playing basketball for only four years, Nzosa has developed crucial skills which could transform him into an elite big man in the NBA.

Yannick Nzosa: 2022 NBA Draft Profile

Pre-NBA Career

While playing for the Spanish side of Unicaja, Nzosa played 29 games. He only played 11 minutes a game this season and averaged 2.2 points in the short span. While his numbers don’t jump off the stat sheet, Nzosa is an 18-year-old prospect, who has the potential to become a quality NBA player with the right development tools.


Nzosa possesses skills and abilities seen in very few prospects in recent memory. A simple overview of his skills would highlight his ability to run the floor despite his height and his high-quality paint vision. However, the most important part of his game is his ability to score as the roller in a pick and roll.

He has shown that he is a high IQ roller and knows how to dive to the basket. Nzosa excels in creating the perfect pass opportunities for a point guard to make. He knows when to set a hard screen for his teammate and when to cut right to the basket for an easy lob. He is a dream come true for any NBA point guard who likes to make lob passes to cutting big men.

Nzosa also has learned the ability of a nice left-handed touch from the post-game. He has attempted hook shots and floaters which makes him less predictable in the paint.

When it comes to transition offense, Nzosa is a threat from wherever he is. Whether he gets the rebound at the rim or is off to the races already, Nzosa uses his quickness and hustle to be a lob threat on any fast break. Nzosa is a player who is full of heart and energy and would be loved on any NBA team.

Nzosa also is a very good defender, as he has amazing paint vision. He can see drives from a ways away and always hustles which puts him in the right spot to get blocks. While he is doing this on players who are much worse than NBA talent, he is still making an impact and on the NBA level being able to contest those shots is incredibly valuable.


Nzosa must develop a higher playmaking and finishing IQ out of the pick and roll. In the NBA, defenses will be able to read those pick and rolls and help off of them much better, and if he can swing the ball out to the perimeter without turning the ball over then he will become a problem for even the best of NBA defenses.

As previously mentioned, Nzosa has a knack for finishing with his right hand. However, he has been unable to show any evidence that he can replicate that same finishing touch with his right hand which could make him easier to defend when playing basketball at a higher level. If he leans on using one hand to finish, he will not be able to flourish in the NBA once defenders adjust to his game.

Due to his lack of playtime in professional play, Nzosa is likely to either be a hit-or-miss pick. Nzosa could most likely not see the NBA floor next season, even if he is drafted. Nzosa will spend time in the G-League, but should eventually see the floor for an NBA team.

Yannick Nzosa NBA Comparisons:

Bam Adebayo, Clint Capela

Draft Projection: 2nd Round/Undrafted Free Agent