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Jamal Crawford Remains Unsigned

As NBA training camps approach rapidly, there is an under-the-radar name available that remains unsigned, Jamal Crawford. Crawford has made it clear on multiple occasions that he still wants to play in the NBA, despite his age. Crawford is 41 years old. Vince Carter played until he was 43 years old, after retiring with the Atlanta Hawks. So, if Crawford wants to play, why is it that he remains unsigned as we approach the opening of training camps?

Does It Make Sense for Any NBA Team to Sign Jamal Crawford?

While Crawford would be the oldest active player in the league if signed, he brings invaluable experience to any team. Carter, for example, did not go “ring chasing” in his final four to five years in the NBA. He chose to join teams that he could provide inspiration too, while also getting decent playing time before his final two seasons with the Atlanta Hawks. There are a number of teams with open roster spots who could use a veteran like Crawford. A borderline playoff team or title contender that could sign a veteran to the league minimum? Teams would be insane to not at least take a flyer on one of the most under-the-radar free agents left on the market. However, at the time of writing, there have been no talks or rumors about teams with interest in Crawford.

What Specifically Can Crawford Bring to A Contender or Bubble Playoff Team?

Crawford could bring, not only twenty years of experience to a team but also a solid role player who plays 15-20 minutes per game. Crawford has an uncanny ability to create his own shot at any time in the game. He is one of the best ball handlers to ever play in the league. He is so smooth with his handle as he goes into a mid-range pull-up, that he’s earned many nicknames. The one that stuck with the media and Crawford: “J Crossover”. Crawford averaged just under 15 points, two rebounds, and over three assists per game. He shoots the ball from beyond the arc at a 34.8% clip, however, he is more known as a driver, slasher, and mostly for his deadly pull up mid-range jumper. He also averaged 86.2 percent for his two-decade career from the free throw stripe. Finally, Crawford takes very good care of the ball as he has averaged less than two turnovers per game for his entire career.


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