Chris Paul Free Agent Destinations

Chris Paul has just come off what most would consider a successful season. He just made his 11th all-star team at age 35 and along with Devin Booker, led the Phoenix Suns to their first NBA Finals appearance in almost 30 years. So what’s the issue? After losing a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals, Paul has to be feeling annoyed by the way that this season ended. He currently has a player option worth 44 million next year, which at his age would seem to be a no-brainer to opt-in. However, Paul could also opt-out in order to secure a long-term deal worth more money. Here are some Chris Paul free agent destinations if he decides to test the market this summer.

Chris Paul Free Agent Destinations

Phoenix Suns

Despite the rumors that will be circulating over the next few weeks, the likely outcome is that Paul remains with the Suns. Outside of winning the championship, this season arguably couldn’t have gone better for both parties. Paul had one of the best shooting seasons of his career this year (almost 50-40-90) and stayed remarkably healthy for the most part of the season. The Suns have had issues trying to find a good point guard prior to this year to complement Devin Booker and relieve some of the scoring and playmaking duties. Whether or not throwing 30 plus million dollars at a (now) 36-year-old point guard is a good move is debatable. However, after the year the Suns just had it’s hard to believe they won’t do everything possible to keep him.

Los Angeles Lakers

If Paul does decide to move on from the Suns after one season, the Lakers are likely the favorites to sign him. Paul has famously been good friends with LeBron James and it has already been reported that the Lakers will want to pursue him should he hit the open market. While Paul may have to settle for a contract with less money if he joins the Lakers, his window to win a championship is closing fast. Teaming up with LeBron and Anthony Davis may be the best chance for Paul to claim his first Larry O’Brien trophy.

New York Knicks

ESPN’s Bobby Marks reported that the Knicks could be an option for Chris Paul if talks with the Suns aren’t going well. If he joins the Knicks, he would be the upgrade at point guard that the Knicks desperately need. Julius Randle needed to be the primary playmaker last season due to the lack of a point guard. Paul could take some of the load off Randle, who wore down in the postseason. Chris Paul’s playoff experience and leadership would also be exactly what this young Knicks team needs. With plenty of cap space to work with, the Knicks could throw a lot of money at Paul and make his “title versus money” decision that much harder.

The Verdict

So what team will Chris Paul end up on? The Suns are certainly the best option still. They have a young superstar with Devin Booker and an ascending center in Deandre Ayton. Paul and head coach Monty Williams also have a good relationship and there has to be a “run it back” mentality after falling two games short of a title. Even though Paul did not play his best during the finals (21 turnovers in six games), he is still an elite point guard that will be highly valued on the open market. With Paul’s financial situation secure, he should be focusing on what team will give him the best chance to win a championship. This will be an interesting situation to monitor as the free agency period begins on August second.

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