NBA Top Shot Part V

Yes, NBA Top Shot is still a thing. Although the market continues to decline, Top Shot has been rolling out packs left and right as they try to get more and more collectors. Top Shot experimented with some reservation packs- which went on as a smashing success. Now, Top Shot has debuted two new Hustle and Show sets, with the latest one dropping on Thursday afternoon.

Oh, and now Top Shot has included a reservation set for collectors who have bought no more than one pack. This is an all-out effort to encourage new collectors to get in on the action despite the ongoing drops in marketplace prices.

NBA Top Shot Part V

Well, Top Shot isn’t going away. As we mentioned previously, there were some issues with the system, especially concerning the number of collectors who had been unable to withdraw.

As discussed in the previous report, Top Shot debuted their reservation packs while also dropping an absurd, ultra-rare $999 holo pack, which went on with a smashing success. Moments in those packs could be sold for five, even six digits, so the thousand dollars it cost to get one more often than not would turn around as a profit.

Top Shot then announced a rare minted edition for those special collectors, in remembrance of Stephen Curry and his continuing dominance in the NBA.

However, Top Shot did receive some bad publicity recently.

Lawsuit Handed Down

Well, when something good comes about, there is always somebody who wants to fight against it. According to Front Office Sports, Top Shot was hit with a lawsuit, as the suit says that Top Shot “violates security laws.”

β€œNBA Top Shot Moments are securities because they constitute an investment of money in a common enterprise with a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others,” the complaint alleged.

Um, that seems a bit strange. To be frank, Top Shot has more than enough money to pay them off and avoid any negative publicity. On another note, this is Top Shot’s first legal case of the matter. Maybe it’s not a bad thing after all.

Nonetheless, this will be something to watch as it unfolds. Will Top Shot go through with the case or just pay a sum of money to put it to rest?

Last but not least, Top Shot has instituted identity checks. This is another way for them to control the market from monopolizing and account issues.

Ultimately, Top Shot has done a great job combatting the gigantic drop in marketplace prices with different types of drops.

As the NBA playoffs begin, perhaps Top Shot will aim to be more active and get more involved. Still, the newest Hustle and Show drop had 140,000 packs available at $14 each. That’s an excess of $1.9 million just from one, single drop.

Rock on Top Shot, rock on.

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