NBA Top Shot Part IV

It’s been some time since we’ve checked in on the latest regarding NBA Top Shot. Previously, we discussed some of the issues that the Top Shot marketplace has been dealing with. While those issues are not yet resolved- and probably won’t be for some time- the market is still growing immensely. Collectors are flocking with each drop announcement, and that shouldn’t go away anytime soon.

Since the last time, there’s been a few drops. Most of them have been just normal, small drops. However, there was one huge drop that took place as the Top Shot makers aim to revitalize the market after weeks and weeks of a drop in prices throughout the marketplace.

NBA Top Shot Part IV

The biggest drop of NBA Top Shot history took place in April, although not many got to participate.

Yes, that’s not a typo. A grand, a rack, whatever you want to call it, for the most expensive drop in Top Shot history. These moments could be sold easily for thousands and thousands of dollars, for those lucky collectors who got a spot in the queue in this very limited drop.

However, they did set up a list of requirements for collectors to avoid market issues and collector issues that had previously happened.

These requirements seem a bit extreme at first glance, but for the regulars, they are very simple to meet. Also, they had another pre-registration for a basic base set drop, which in turn allowed hundreds of thousands of users to purchase a pack and grow their collections.

Lastly, on Monday there was ANOTHER drop.

So, to sum it up, the Top Shot market is doing whatever they can to get more collectors, and it’s working. Collectors are still flocking and going insane over these drops. While the market prices keep dropping, now is the time to buy. Just like stocks, buy low, sell high.

As the Hustle and Show packs drop, stay tuned for the number of collectors that were able to snag a pack and increase their collection.

Also, if you have a nominee for Top Shot, go ahead and Tweet at their main account if you find a good moment. Last but not least, there is a new program they will be rolling out soon as well.

All in all, NBA Top Shot is still growing and new ideas are being circulated every week. Stay tuned for more updates as time goes by.

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