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NBA Top Shot: What is it?

NBA Top Shot is buzzing around the league. Check out everything you need to know about these NBA digital trading cards.

The internet has swirled with people discussing and raving about NBA Top Shot. At first, it seemed like a fad that would pass rather quickly. However, it’s been the most popular thing for both sports fans and collectors and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. NBA Top Shot has become wildly popular and at the latest drop had almost 100,000 people waiting in line just to get a pack. That’s a tremendous amount of people for something that has been pegged as “digital trading cards.”

Nonetheless, it’s working, and it’s getting more and more popular by the week.

NBA Top Shot: What is it?

Glad you asked because a lot of people have these questions. For starters, here’s a YouTube video from the NBA Top Shot website if you want to check it out.

To put it simply, NBA Top Shot is like trading cards, except in video form. You wait in line for a pack (good luck, by the way), and you open a pack of random video clips. It can vary anywhere from Luka Doncic dunking to Miles Plumlee making a jumper.

If you get lucky you’ll snag a LeBron James moment that can be valued anywhere in the six-figures. Yes, really, they can sell for that much.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet, because that’s a whole other issue to discuss. In the simplest form, NBA Top Shot is digital trading cards from “moments” during NBA games featuring NBA players.

How to Get a Pack

Top Shot has “drop days”, which are days when the packs can be purchased. However, here’s the catch: you have to wait in a queue, similar to the newest shoe dropping or the PS5 dropping, and it’s all the luck of the draw.

For example, one user logged on a half-hour before the drop and got placed 30,000 in line with a total number of 60,000 packs available, guaranteeing that the user was going to get a pack (that’s me, FYI.)

If you were past that 60,000th mark, there’s a chance to get a pack if users drop out and lose their place in line, which doesn’t happen very often.

Finally, when’s it’s your turn, you purchase using real money and open the pack to unveil your moments. It will show you the player, the clip, and a serial number and whether it’s a common moment or not.

There are five tiers when it comes to moments, and you can read about that by clicking here.

So, best of luck, try and make an account, and watch out for drop days by checking the website or following NBA Top Shot on Twitter, which is probably the easiest way to stay tuned with everything.

NBA Top Shot is a Goldmine

NBA Top Shot is full of potential and is a goldmine, not just for the company itself but for the collectors. We could go on and on about how much money you can make from it, but here’s one example: a LeBron James dunk over Nemanja Bjelica sold for $208,000 earlier this year, as stated in the same CBS Sports article.

That’s a ton of money, and you can get moments for as cheap as $7 dollars for a common one like Austin Rivers or Plumlee. The packs range anywhere from $14 (which is what yours truly paid) to a few hundred, depending on the type of drop, if it’s rare or common.

NBA Top Shot is far and away the leader in cryptocurrency and CryptoSlam has them well over $4 million in sales so far, which will only get bigger as more people catch on to the latest buzz around the collectible world.

Don’t worry, the NBA has a partnership with Top Shot, which should help maintain long-term success. Many are worried about a market crash, which can be said for anything especially with the stuff of this type.

Nonetheless, don’t waste any more time. Buy a pack. It’s fun, it’s hot, and hey, there’s a good chance to make some money and if you get lucky, can flip one single moment for thousands of dollars.

It’s a lot to figure out, but NBA Top Shot has communities, blogs, all social media, and Discord for those who have that platform. In all honesty, there’s a lot to learn about this latest craze, and if interested go to the NBA Top Shot site and check out the blogs to learn more.

Make an account, buy a pack, have some fun, and happy trading.

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