Is the All-Star Game a Good Idea for the NBA?

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The NBA and the Player’s Association have decided to hold an All-Star Game in March in Atlanta. With numerous teams across the country lacking fans, the league’s decision on the game is a strange one.

Is the All-Star Game a Good Idea for the NBA?

This seems like an awful idea, to be honest. The league recently tightened protocols to avoid and limit the spread of COVID-19 and so far it has worked. However, they are slated to play the game in March in Atlanta despite the pandemic still going on. Fans and players usually love the All-Star Game and festivities, but considering the circumstances this year is different. Players are held out on a nightly basis due to health and safety protocols and contact tracing as well as positive or inconclusive tests. They have restrictions that are in place to protect them while traveling and while games are being played.

The players go through extensive testing, can’t hug or shake hands before or after the games, yet they can all gather for the entire weekend from different places.

A lot of the star players have missed time due to the virus, including Jimmy Butler and Jayson Tatum, and after the Kevin Durant debacle, the league’s decision looks worse and worse.

The Durant situation was a strange one, and now he’s out for a week. Nonetheless, the NBA has insisted on holding the game despite much disagreement from some of the stars, including LeBron James

The stars have spoken, and the fact they don’t want the game should be all the league needs to cancel it. It doesn’t matter, and the NBA intends to push through and host the game, and the various activities during All-Star weekend.

Why is the NBA Doing It?

One simple reason: money. The All-Star Game is a money pit, and after the pandemic lost the league a lot of money, they need this. However, risking the safety of players, coaches, staff, and media isn’t worth it one bit. If one player gets the virus and tests positive, they all have to quarantine, and the league would be without its stars to showcase.

More so, a lot of players have been going nonstop and have had a short turnaround after the quick offseason. The All-Star break was supposed to be that, a break. Now, the players in the game have to go to Atlanta, go through more testing for a game they don’t want to play in to begin with.

The decision is shocking, and the league’s insistence even after the Durant situation is even more perplexing. The players have been traveling nonstop, held in their hotels on the road, and away from family. The days off would’ve given them ample time to relax and unwind and enjoy that personal break from the game.

After everything the league did with ramping up protocols and tightening it across the league, LeBron is right.

Commissioner Adam Silver did everything possible to make the bubble work, and it was a huge success. However, the pure idea of having this All-Star Game is a bad one, an awful one.

Just cancel it, for the sake of everybody.

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