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The Best Online Basketball Games to Play During Quarantine

Online basketball games

Shooting hoops is a bit difficult at the moment, considering the circumstances. A global pandemic can frustrate your plans to outplay your buddies on the court while the NBA is in offseason mode. But there’s some good news — you can still meet up with your teammates online. It’s not the same as taking in some real sun rays outside. This is true in the same way that playing at allright casino isn’t quite as satisfying as pulling a lever at a brick and mortar casino. But, the virtual alternative seems to work just fine. Many are starting to prefer it.

 Our expert, Jacek Michalski (info here), dives a bit deeper into how online basketball games have seen a surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. He let us in on everything we need to know about taking advantage of the best basketball games to play online.

The Best Online Basketball Games for Quarantine

NBA 2K21

If you’re looking for the best graphics and an updated roster, NBA 2K21 is the right pick for you. It’s the perfect fit for multiplayer basketball with friends. Sadly, it’s not up to par with other games in other aspects.

 NBA 2K21 is heavily criticized for its multitude of pay to win mechanics and lack of single-player features. A common gripe involves missing pieces to what made previous entries so great. A few include no cutscenes or interviews and a terrible AI.

 If your goal is to connect with some friends and play a few casual matches in high definition, though, this title should fit the bill. It is, after all, one of the basketball pc games that truly stand out.

Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

Do you prefer a more silly approach to the sport? Then Freestyle 2: Street Basketball might be a better pick. What it lacks in stunning visuals, it makes up for with fast-paced and intense action. As an arcade-style game, there’s more focus on short matches with goofy mechanics and unique characters.

 Customization sits at the top of this title in terms of features. You can tweak your character, their controls, moves, and even appearances. If you want to practice special moves to impress your friends, there’s a tutorial section for every single button combination in the game. Don’t let the graphics prevent you from giving it a try.

PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition

This game meets in the middle between serious basketball and silly multiplayer experience. It offers the most multiplayer features among the titles on this list. You can play with up to four players, be it via split-screen, through remote play, or each on their PC.

 There’s witty commentary, hilarious special moves, and comical heads on each player. It has a strong focus on having a good time. It’s easy to tell that most of the efforts put in by the developers were around creating the perfect environment for online interaction between friends.

A Slam Dunk

This list of three very different best online basketball games should offer at least one title that suits your needs. Each has its charm. Whether you want a severe basketball experience, a full-on silly take on the sport or a version that meets both styles in the middle, one of them should scratch that slam dunk itch. Make a pick, get on the court, and score some points against your friends.

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