NCAA Approving Rules for Players to Make Compensation

Starting 2021-22 the NCAA will adopt new rules that will let players make compensation off their names, image and likeness. The NCAA is a powerhouse organization that has generated billions of dollars in revenue. The players have never seen any of that money.

NCAA Approving Rules for Players to Make Compensation 

A Long, Grueling Road

Now with this change in rules players will now see some sort of revenue for their time in college. The fight for compensation for players has been long and grueling. There have been stories like that of Ed O’ Bannon who sued the NCAA after he saw his likeness in a video game that has helped propel the process even faster.

In that case, the judge ordered the NCAA to pay O’ Bannon and his attorneys $46 million. This new rule going into motion so soon was most likely a response to the fact the G League announced a new program called the Pathway Program.

Players Choosing the G League

High school prospects that sign to play in the G League get paid $125,000 for the five-month season. The players have access to summer workouts during the NBA Summer League, year-round educations programs to help players manage their careers and a scholarship program to pursue a degree after their playing days.

Some top prospects have already taken full advantage of the program. The number one prospect in the 2021 NBA draft, Jalen Green, sent shockwaves through the basketball world when he was the first player to sign up for the Pathway Program.

Other elite prospects in Isaiah Todd and Daishon Nix have also decided to sign up to play in the G League. Now that the NCAA is deciding to let players get paid (barring seeing how much they actually get paid) this will tip the scale in their favor.

G League versus NCAA

The NCAA is on major broadcast stations like ESPN, FOX, and CBS. A player looking for exposure will still gravitate to the NCAA. The college organization is back on top now that players can earn compensation.

The G League route is the best way to get better for an elite high school prospect. They will see NBA caliber competition for five months.

The G-League will need something to maintain the interest of players. Getting the best players will surely do that. The Goliath that is the NCAA tournament will keep players going to college though.

Resolution for the G League

A successful tournament run propelled careers like Stephen Curry and Ja Morant. The G League should look to do something that can recreate the excitement of the NCAA tournament.

They can do that by highlighting those great players that they acquire in a postseason tournament setting. The player’s brand is can be utilized because they are not confined to NCAA rules.

The G League versus the NCAA debate is just heating up. Which one is better? It depends on the player and their situation.


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