Josh Green NBA Draft Profile

Arizona basketball has had some great players come through its program. Though they haven’t had much success recently they still have been able to recruit some good players. Freshman swingman Josh Green is one of them. Josh Green had a great season at Arizona and placed his name in the NBA draft on April 10th.

Josh Green NBA Draft Profile

College Career

Green was a player that used his defense to propel his offense in college. His high motor on defense led to points in transition. After it was all said and done Green averaged 12.0 points, 4.6 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. In the Pac-12 he finished sixth in steals per game, 15th in assists per game, 12th in offensive rating with 110.4 and 11th in defensive rating with 93.3. In a game against Pepperdine, he recorded 24 points, eight rebounds, five assists, and three steals. That was his best game in the NCAA.

Then he recorded 22 points, five rebounds and two assists in a game against Illinois. Green was able to prove that he can do it all in his single season playing college basketball. With his upside and ability to fill up the stat sheet, an NBA team getting Josh Green in the NBA draft is getting a potential steal.


Josh Green has a high upside because he has already shown the ability to do it all. He can score enough to be effective, play defense, pass, and rebound. In the NBA you have to be able to knock down shots when open. Green has shown the ability to be able to catch and shoot and make shots. At Arizona, he shot 36.1 percent from three. The best players in the NBA are wing players. From LeBron James, Kevin Durant to Kawhi Leonard you need a player that can guard these types of players. Green can do that and that what makes him so valuable.

Usually, players that have great athleticism are players that have great upside because if they can develop a complete offensive game then look out. Green is a highflyer and if he can develop a more polished offensive game then the sky is the limit. Getting easy buckets is one of the most precious aspects of basketball because when the shot is not falling what else can you do? Green has the ability to play in transition. That combined with his athleticism gives him the ability to break games open.


The best of the best are able to create their own shot. That is a skill that Green is lacking this early in his career. He has to be able to develop that to take his game to the next level. Being able to stay in front of players is a skill that makes or breaks careers. Green has trouble sometimes with his fouling. If he wants to have a long career he will have to learn to locate the ball better and keep talented wings in front of him. If Green wants to be a superstar he will have to develop an “it” factor. All the greats have it.

When their team is down they can do what it takes to bring their team back. Also, they can make the clutch shots necessary to win games. Green will have to develop that in order to take his game to the next level. What goes hand in hand with shot-creating is ball handling. Green will have to work on his ball-handling if he wants to be able to have the ball in his hands more. Just like any young developing player, Green will need to bulk up. If he does that then that will help with his whole game. That will also help him keep better wing players in front of him.

Player Comparison: Andre Iguodala

When Andre Iguodala was coming into the league he was a do it all player that could play defense. Iguodala also could spot up and shoot threes. He wasn’t the type of player to dominate the ball and create offense but he could get his through transition and open shots. Josh Green is the same type of player. Green and Iguodala are both players with extreme athleticism and can really throw it down. Both players are from Arizona also. Iguodala was able to win a Finals MVP and have a long career so if the comparisons are true then it looks like Green will have a great career.

NBA Draft Projection

Mid to late first round.


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