The Dallas Mavericks Need a New Wing

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The Dallas Mavericks have a strong team already built. Before the suspension of the season, they were primed to make the playoffs for the first time since 2016. They’re not necessarily contenders just yet, however, but have one of the most exciting young duos in the league in Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis.

What they lack, however, is wing depth. Dorian Finney-Smith has proven to be a solid starter, and the Mavericks will likely re-sign Tim Hardaway as he made his jump to a reliable third-option on offense. The depth options, like Justin JacksonMichael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Courtney Lee need to be upgraded this summer, however. Here’s a list of potential free-agent wings for the Mavericks to take a look at.

The Dallas Mavericks Should Add a Wing in Free Agency

Jae Crowder

Jae Crowder is a name Mavericks fans are very familiar with. He started his career in Dallas and stuck with the team for a couple of years. Originally included in the Mavericks’ Rajon Rondo trade in 2014, Crowder grew into a legitimate role-playing wing over the years.

He’d bring toughness and tenacity, something the Mavericks bench needs. Finney-Smith takes on tough defensive match-ups, as does Maxi Kleber. Throwing in another player in the rotation that can do so as well will make the Mavericks a nightmare for other title-contending teams. It only helps too that Crowder can score the basketball and rebound quite well. His veteran presence will only help the young core that may be on the brink of something special. The Miami Heat, however, will likely try to bring him back, but nothing’s for certain in free agency.

Maurice Harkless

Like Crowder, Maurice Harkless is another menacing wing on the defensive side of the ball. He’s also had plenty of playoff experience during his time with the Portland Trail Blazers. His time with the Los Angeles Clippers was short, but in that time he likely grew to know more about one of the other elite teams in the West. Odds are also high that he’d choose to leave the New York Knicks this summer.

Harkless will not provide much scoring off the bench, however. If on the court with other roleplayers, such as Seth Curry and Kleber, then this shouldn’t be much of a worry. Don’t be surprised if he’s one of the first players the Mavericks try to tie down this summer.

Alec Burks

Alec Burks certainly provides more scoring than both Crowder and Harkless. So far this season, in split time between the Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers, he’s averaged 15 points per game on about a 40-37-90 split. This kind of scoring from a wing would be welcomed on the bench. Even more so, a bench including Burks, Curry, and Kleber would feature three players capable of scoring in the double digits any given night.

He also has the potential to be a tough defensive match-up for any opposing wing as well. Should the season continue and progress, he will also gain valuable playoff experience. Due to his scoring potential, he may see larger offers from some other teams. If not, and he continues to accept a bench role, then the Mavericks may be ideal.

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