Central Division Win Totals

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The NBA season is right around the corner, and it’s time to take a look at the Central Division win totals. It’s also time to project whether each team will surpass that win total, or if you should put your money on the under bet. These over/under numbers are courtesy of Bovada.

Win Totals For Central Division

Chicago Bulls

The over/under for the Chicago Bulls is set at 32.5 wins. An 11-win improvement is required for them to hit the over.

It’s hard to see the over bet convert. Chicago did add Thaddeus Young in the frontcourt, and Lauri Markkanen was great at the end of last season. However, that addition won’t be enough for them to improve that much.

Wendell Carter┬áis another good young piece in the frontcourt, but the Bulls have more questions than answers in the backcourt. Kris Dunn hasn’t earned the keys to the franchise, and now Coby White is in the fold.

Otto Porter will also be someone in the frontcourt who can put up numbers. However, the reason the correct bet here is the under is because of the questions in the backcourt.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The over/under for the Cleveland Cavaliers is set at 24.5. Hitting the over requires a six-win improvement. That’s a hard improvement to see coming from a team with minimal proven NBA talent on its roster.

Kevin Love is by far the most proven player on the roster. However, most expect him to be dealt potentially before the season, and if not then, some point during the season.

The best advice would be to stay away from this over/under bet. However, if you’re going to bet one way, bet the under this season. There’s just such little proven talent on this roster. If Collin Sexton and Darius Garland both play up to their potential, the over could be hit. But it’s tough for a second-year player and a rookie to play at a consistent level all season when they’re being expected to lead a team.

Detroit Pistons

The over/under for the Detroit Pistons is set at 37.5. That total would be a slide back from the 41-41 Detroit finished last season.

As long as Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond stay on the roster all season and stay healthy, there’s no reason for the Pistons not to hit the over.

Derrick Rose has also been added to the roster, giving them another option in the backcourt.

For the over to be a lock, Detroit will need Luke Kennard and Thon Maker to be impact players. There isn’t much depth on this team, and those two being factors would make the over a near lock.

Indiana Pacers

The over/under for the Indiana Pacers is set at 46.5. That is a number that feels very low based on the Pacers winning 48 games last season with Victor Oladipo only playing 36.

Oladipo will be back this season, and most of the talent is back. Additions this offseason include Malcolm Brogdon and T.J. Warren.

The Eastern Conference is undoubtedly deeper than last season, but if the Pacers stay healthy, there’s no reason for Indiana not to win at least 47 games.

Milwaukee Bucks

The over/under for the Milwaukee Bucks is set at 57.5. That would be a drop off from the 60 wins Milwaukee compiled last season.

However, expect them to hit the under this season. That’s not to say Milwaukee won’t be a contender, because they will. Giannis Antetokounmpo should have another MVP-caliber season, and Khris Middleton is back as his top running mate.

The team also did a great job of bringing back veterans George Hill and Brook Lopez this offseason. The only big-time contributor lost was Malcolm Brogdon, who missed a lot of time in the postseason, but he was very good for them.

Milwaukee will be an elite team once again, but the reason they won’t hit the over is that they won’t take every regular-season game as seriously. Last season it meant everything to them to get home-court advantage. This season they’ll be more focused on planning for the playoffs and locked in on an NBA Finals berth.

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