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New Orleans Pelicans Rookies Expectations

New Orlrleans Pelicans Rookies

The New Orleans Pelicans rookies are awaiting their turn to take the NBA by storm. Zion Williamson and Jaxson Hayes were both highly sought-after draft picks. The addition of Williamson gives the Pelicans versatility in the frontcourt for years to come. His skill level is very high, and he plays with a lot of emotion. As a result of the blockbuster trade, the Pelicans made to move Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers sets up the franchise for future success. However, their young stars will be the key focus for years to come. 

Expectations for New Orleans Pelicans Rookies

The Zion Williamson frenzy has begun in the Big Easy. Once the NBA season starts, Pelicans fans are in for a treat. Watching Williamson in college at Duke was must-watch television. He brings forth such a versatile skill set and playing style that New Orleans needs. The rookie will get his share of minutes with the team. Though he sat out the majority of the Summer League, it was with good reason. The front office and coaches didn’t want him getting injured. The face of the franchise is here Pelicans fans. Buckle up, Zion is here to deliver. 

Triple Team Trio

Jaxson Hayes was another sought after prospect going into the draft. As a result of a solid showing at the Summer League, the rookie is set to see minutes with the Pelicans. The former Texas Longhorn comes into a Pelicans organization searching to make the playoffs. With Williamson and Hayes, along with the veteran newcomers, New Orleans could become a true contender in the Western Conference. The absence of Zion Williamson during the Summer League gave Hayes his space to shine. And he did just that. The rookie delivered when needed. There are still questions to his game, but he should adapt quickly. 

Nickeil Alexander-Walker has become one of the fan favorites already in New Orleans. His outstanding performances in the Summer League has sent Pelicans Twitter into a frenzy. The guy is just naturally good at basketball. That’s something these New Orleans fans deserve. Players that are here to win. All of the acquired players and drafted players are setting out to do just that. Alexander-Walker is one of those guys. He wants to win. And he’ll contribute in any way possible to make that happen. He was acquired by New Orleans along with Hayes via trade. Both players have their bars set high for the season. Alexander-Walker just has to remain consistent and keep the momentum up from Summer League. 

Veteran Leadership

Having veteran core players on the roster will implicate success for the young stars. The Pelicans have made intriguing moves through free agency. Setting up the young stars for success was a priority. The Pelicans knew drafting Zion Williamson would happen once they won the NBA Draft lottery. The trade with the Lakers needed to happen. The organization wanted to get these newcomers a few veteran players to learn from. Well, they did just that. Once the season starts, the New Orleans Pelicans rookies are going to take the NBA by storm. 

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