Denver Nuggets Pull Off the Steal of the Draft

Bol Bol may be the steal of the draft for the Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets came into the 2019 NBA Draft with low expectations. They didn’t own a first-round draft pick as they were good enough to avoid the lottery this season. However, that did not stop Vice President of Basketball Operations, Tim Connelly, from making a splash. Connelly may have pulled off the steal of the draft by trading for the 7’2” center, Bol Bol after he was selected by the Miami Heat in the middle of the second-round. Denver did not do much in this year’s draft. Yet, they still may have won the draft. Just take a look at some of the numbers the son of Manute Bol put up in his one season with the Oregon Ducks to see why this may be the case.

Bol Bol is the Steal of the Draft for the Denver Nuggets

What Did the Denver Nuggets Get?

In his one college year, Bol averaged 21 points per game. He also averaged 2.7 blocks per game and 9.6 rebounds per game. Bol was also remarkably efficient as he shot 56.1 percent from the field and even shot 52 percent from three-point territory. However, it is his advanced statistics which also stand out for the 7’2” sensation. Bol also possessed an offensive rating of 118.2 and a defensive rating of 86.7.

Not to mention, he also had a true shooting percentage of 63.2 percent and held an offensive box plus/minus of 4.5. His defensive box plus/minus of positive seven was also impressive. While his offensive game has a lot of potential, it is his defensive potential which may make him more valuable as an NBA player. Bol possessed a block percentage of 12.4 percent to go along with a defensive rebound percentage of 29 percent. To put this in perspective, one-time Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert, had a block percentage of 5.8 percent and a defensive rebound percentage of 30.2 percent this past season. It is no wonder Bol Bol was being projected to go in the first round.

How Bol Bol Fits with the Denver Nuggets

It is somewhat shocking Bol Bol fell all the way to the second round. However, just like with any kid coming out of college, there are concerns and weaknesses. First of all, Bol needs to put on some muscle. He is only 235 pounds and his height will only carry him so far in the NBA. Plus, he has injury concerns. Not to mention, he has been known to not always go 100 percent which is going to be a concern for any team who is interested in his services.

However, Bol is coming to a team who just went through a year-long rehab process with Michael Porter. The Denver Nuggets are already a great team and can afford to take a couple of risks. Even Brian Windhorst thinks the same thing via ESPN’s First Take.

Tim Connelly did not even have to give up much for the University of Oregon big man. The Heat received a future second-round draft pick and cash considerations in return for Bol.  If the Denver Nuggets can get Bol Bol ready for NBA action, then he could prove to be the steal of this year’s NBA Draft.

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