Bol Bol: NBA Draft Profile

Bol Bol in action
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The 2019 NBA Draft is coming up and there are many talented prospects in this year’s class. One of the biggest question marks this year, however, is Oregon Ducks standout, Bol Bol. The 7 foot 2 big man has been projected to land anywhere from the top ten to the end of the first round. Some have said he could have what it takes to be an all-star, and others think he will likely be a bust. So what makes him such a question mark for teams around the league? Let’s break it all down below:

NBA Draft Profile for Bol Bol

College Career

After being a five-star recruit in high school and the number four overall recruit Bol agreed to attend the University of Oregon. Due to injury, he only ended up playing in a total of nine games his freshman year. He was incredibly effective and efficient in the few games he was able to play. He averaged 21 points, 9.6 rebounds, and nearly 3 blocked shots in 30 minutes per game. In a December 12th win over San Diego Bol injured his left foot which ultimately held him out for the remainder of the season. He only played one year of college basketball before declaring for the 2019 NBA Draft. Despite playing in a minimal amount of games, Bol was able to establish himself as one of the top prospects in this year’s draft.


He was highly effective as a scorer, averaging 21 points per game. For a player of his size, he displayed impressive numbers shooting the ball at a 56 percent shooting clip and an astounding 52 percent from beyond the arc. Bol is able to score from all levels of the court and is a nightmare for defenders. He possesses good ball handling skills for a player of his physique. Defensively, he is lengthy and is a more than capable shot blocker and rim protector. He did not allow defenders to score easily. Bol has a 7 foot 8 wingspan which makes him deadly in the rebounding department. Overall he is a polished shooter and a defender who uses his size and wingspan to his advantage.


He needs to add some mass. He is 7 foot 2, but only weighs 220 pounds. Bol will definitely need to add some muscle weight if he wants to survive as a center in the NBA. Offensively, he relies on his height too much and he does not use power to score very often. Against taller defenders, he will not be able to shoot over players as much and will be less effective. Durability is a concern for him. He has had injuries at both the high school and college levels. Bol had great production at Oregon, but it was a very small sample size with him only playing in nine games. Overall he needs to add some weight and prove he can stay healthy in the pros

NBA Player Comparison

Bol most closely compares to Dallas Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis. Both players are very lengthy with long wingspans. Much like Bol, Porzingis has been quite the sharpshooter for a player his size. When Porzingis got to the NBA he did add some much-needed muscle which greatly helped him improve his play in the interior. For Bol to live up to the hype, he will need to do the same.

NBA Draft Projection

Bol is perhaps the hardest player in this year’s entire draft class to make a projection for. He is a phenomenal talent which will get him a look from many different teams, but there are also many risks that come along with drafting him. He will likely be selected anywhere in the 10-20 range. There are multiple teams in that range that should be willing to take a gamble on him.

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