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Houston Rockets Mike D’Antoni on Game Three: “We Just Took Care of Business.”

After losing games one and two of the series, the Houston Rockets were able to rally back in game three against the Golden State Warriors to make it 2-1.
Clint Capela, Mike D'Antoni

After losing Games 1 & 2 of the series, the Houston Rockets were able to rally back in game three against the Golden State Warriors to make it 2-1. The Rockets’ effort on the boards, great defense, and extraordinary three-point shooting allowed them to win in overtime 126-121. The Rockets made 18 three-pointers in game three Saturday night; four more than the Warriors. Though Houston got the great win, Mike D’Antoni did not see this game as a spectacular series-changing win. He had some modest words to say after the outstanding game played by the Rockets.

Mike D’Antoni on Game Three: “We Just Took Care of Business.”

Eric Gordon’s Amazing Cannon

The light that sparked the Rockets’ amazing three-point shooting night was Eric Gordon. Gordon shot 7-14 from the three-point line and sparked many great runs with his efficient shooting. Lifting the Rockets immensely with his 30 points, Gordon has shown to be the Rockets’ X factor in the playoffs. When he is rolling, the Rockets seem to be unstoppable. Gordon has played his role as the third scorer behind James Harden and Chris Paul extremely well and will be the key to the Rockets success moving forward.

P.J. Tucker’s Pivotal Effort

The heart and soul of this amazing Rockets team have shown to be P.J. Tucker. Tucker was given the tough assignment of guarding Kevin Durant one on one, and he played it beautifully. Though Durant had a huge game, key stops by Tucker kept him from icing this game away from the Rockets.

Not only did Tucker show great effort on the defensive end, but he also outplayed the Warriors on key possessions with his rebounding. When the time was winding down in the fourth quarter and in overtime, Tucker seemed to be all around the court when it came to rebounding. When he saw a shot go up in the air, he quickly attacked the basket and fought for every tough rebound. Expect Tucker to continue to keep bringing that much-needed energy to game four on Monday.

Excellent Play From Clint Capela

Clint Capela seemed to be nonexistent in the first two games of the series but completely turned it on in game three. Capela ended the game with just 13 points, 11 rebounds but played a key part in the defensive effort by Houston.

Capela turned up the intensity in the Toyota Center after he sent Andre Iguodala‘s dunk attempt packing on a huge block. His effort boxing out and his presence in the paint on defense was key in this victory for the Rockets. D’Antoni will continue to try to find ways to keep Capela involved against the Warriors in the series as there have been times where he disappears due to the Hamptons’ 5 lineup.

Mike D’Antoni Pleased With Effort

When Houston Rockets Head Coach Mike D’Antoni was asked, “Is there more here than just winning a game, or did the Rockets just take care of business,” he quickly reacted with, “We just took care of business.” D’Antoni also went on to say that the Rockets just went and did what they were supposed to do, and rightfully so.

It’s extremely important for the Rockets to defend home court as they see themselves down in the series. The Warriors were effective enough at home to slide past the Rockets in two tight games. The Rockets have to be able to do the same, and that’s exactly what they did in game three. He also brought up how the Rockets have another big game coming up Monday. They will need to win that game in order to tie the series 2-2.




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