Luke Kornet Showing Flashes of Skill

The New York Knicks have one of the worst records in the NBA at 10-33. While all signs seem that a tank is happening to acquire a top 3 draft pick, the Knicks have plenty of young players that can show what they can do right now. Luke Kornet is one of those players. Going undrafted in 2017, Kornet signed a Two-Way contract with the team two years ago and is finally getting the chance to show what he can do with the Knicks.

Luke Kornet Showing Flashes of Skill

High College Numbers

Kornet had lackluster numbers in college at Vanderbilt. One stat that he did excel in was blocks. Luke Kornet established himself as a premier shot blocker. In four seasons in college, Kornet averaged 1.6 blocks. In his Sophomore year, he averaged 3 blocks per game. At Vanderbilt University, Kornet became the all-time blocks leader. He averaged 42 percent shooting from the field and 32 percent shooting from behind the arc. Kornet has made the most three-pointers all-time in the NCAA by a player seven feet or taller.


In his two years playing with the Westchester Knicks, Kornet averaged 16.5 points per game. He also averaged a 49 percent shooting from the field and 45 percent shooting from beyond the arc. What’s most impressive here is his 2.4 blocks per game. These numbers are worlds different from what he did in college. Although this isn’t the NBA, it’s impressive that he could elevate his game against some of the top amateur players in the world.

NBA Career

Kornet showed off his skills ever since his first game. He averaged a double-double against the Toronto Raptors scoring 11 points and grabbing ten rebounds. He also his three, three-pointers and had four blocks. Leading to the end of the 17-18 NBA season, Kornet had four double-digit games. In those games, he scored three or more three-point shots.

This season, Kornet has already had a couple of career highs. He’s tied his career high in points scored twice, which is 23. Kornet also hit a career-high seven three’s in a December game against the Milwaukee Bucks. He’s averaged 42 percent from three-point range and 6.8 points up till this season.

Room for Improvement

Luke Kornet has a lot of improving to go if he wants to be a successful NBA player. He’s shown flashes of great play, but he’s also very inconsistent. You never know if you’ll get 20 points or five. The Knicks would be wise to keep Kornet through next year and see. If Mitchell Robinson can develop and Kornet can become more of a shot blocker, the Knicks could have a fearful frontcourt.

This is an instance where the two-way contract is great for the NBA. Kornet has been able to get major playing time in the G-League while developing his game. Kornet is a commodity in the NBA. He’s a big man that can shoot the three ball. Players like that are a mismatch disaster. Many bigs can’t guard around the three-point arc. Kornet’s ability to score from anywhere around the arc is one of his greatest strengths. You’ll be seeing his jersey being worn a lot more should he take his game to the next level.

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