New Alcohol Rules for FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket Holders

New Alcohol Rules - Qatar World Cup
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After several fans who purchased World Cup 2022 tickets voiced their frustration with the no-alcohol policy, FIFA and the Qatari organizers are working on plans to facilitate drinks when the games come alive in November which means that new alcohol rules could be in place for the tournament.

New Alcohol Rules – Changes for Qatar 2022 World Cup

Alcohol To Be Allowed – What Do The Changes Mean?

Earlier, the organizers announced that the tournament would not serve beer or any form of alcohol at any of the venues. Qatar, a Muslim majority nation, prohibits the consumption of any form of alcohol, and there are only a few exceptions for the organizers to work around.

Alcohol will be offered for the FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets with the hospitality plan purchased but there are still policies that need finalization in terms of having the long-standing World Cup sponsor Budweiser selling drinks.

Not all stadiums will be allowed to have alcohol, and approval has been given for only five venues. A document dated June 2 provided visibility on how the tournament organizers are planning to handle the demands of 1.2 million football fans who will be making the trip. Of this 1.2 million, most are accustomed to bringing beer on match days.

Football and beer are closely associated but have had conflicts along the way. In 2014, Brazil had to lift the ban on alcohol at stadiums during the world cup following pressure from FIFA. At the same time, Qatar is not a ‘dry place’ that fully condones the consumption of alcohol; consuming alcohol in public places is deemed illegal.

With alcohol’s close association, selected British fans have found a loophole in evading the no-alcohol rule. These World Cup 2022 ticket holders will stay in a luxury cruise liner, so they don’t need to worry about the strict booze laws.

But, the luxury cruise option isn’t for everyone.

A Slightly Changed Arrangement

Fans purchasing World Cup 2022 tickets will be given specific times to buy beer in selected parts of the FIFA fan zone in Al Bidda Park in Doha.

The organizers added that there wouldn’t be alcohol available all day, unlike previous world cups, and it would be served only at restricted times. The document also shows that alcohol will be available on a corner of the respective stadium, situated nearly a kilometre away. 

There will be an option where fans will get the opportunity to purchase beer in the stadium compound before and after the games but will not be allowed to take any alcoholic drinks to the stadium.

Instead, fans that purchase World Cup 2022 tickets will be allowed the non-alcoholic option, the Budweiser Zero, to their seats. This, too, will be confirmed after discussions with the Qatari organizers, added FIFA in the statement.

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup being the first-ever world cup to be played in a Muslim country, there are selected social and religious beliefs surrounding alcohol. The question of alcohol wasn’t something that arose recently, but fans have raised this question ever since FIFA picked Qatar as the host nation in 2010.

Qatar Alcohol Policies

To prepare for the FIFA World Cup and cater to the spectators with World Cup 2022 tickets, Qatar tested their alcohol policies during the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup that featured Liverpool, Flamengo and Monterrey football clubs.

During this tournament, the organizers created a drinking zone at the golf club in Doha. The golf club will continue to operate during this year’s FIFA World Cup event, with sources close to FIFA adding that a beer could be going for about $6, which is cheaper than the high-end hotel prices.

Visitors are not allowed to bring alcohol into Qatar, not even from the duty-free at the airport. They cannot also purchase at a liquor store; only overseas residents can buy for consumption. Fans purchasing World Cup 2022 tickets will also need to be mindful not to consume alcohol along the road or in any other public places and face jail time if found guilty.

Rules on alcohol sales vary based on the country. England, for example, alcohol is sold around the stadium, but fans are not permitted to drink it within sight of the pitch. In France, there is no restriction on the consumption of alcohol.

Tight Restrictions

Other regulations are in place if you have purchased World Cup 2022 tickets. Some rules can be troublesome for fans across the globe when you travel to Qatar in the winter. Fans can face upto seven years of jail time if they are found guilty of having one-night stands during the time the FIFA World Cup 2022 is in place. There are strict rules regarding sexual affairs in the country, and you will need to respect the laws of the land.

As per Qatari law, no person is allowed to have sex outside of the marriage, and those who are found guilty can face a year in jail. However, there is a possible chance that the sentence could go up to seven years.

According to legal enforcement agency officials, it is recommended to stay away from any unwarranted sexual relations.

Qatar Getting Ready

Despite the strict rules, everything is in place for November’s biggest celebration of football talent. As of now, the state-of-the-art stadiums are ready, and the organizers are making the final touches.

The 2022 edition will start on November 22 and feature 32 teams battling for the trophy. The Qatar edition will be the last occasion where we will see 32 teams. From 2026, the World Cup will be a 48-team competition held in the USA and Canada.

The tournament, the first to be played in winter, will conclude on December 18, a week before Christmas. The event is set to be the last grand event where individuals purchasing World Cup 2022 tickets will see the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Rober Lewandowski and Suarez playing each other.

With this in mind, sourcing World Cup 2022 tickets are also challenging. Unless you registered for the ticket draws, sourcing a ticket might be impossible.

But, thanks to the ticket reseller platforms, sourcing World Cup 2022 tickets aren’t as hard as you imagined. With a flock of registered and authorized resellers, you will find ample options available in terms of tickets, providing the opportunity for ardent football fans to witness the grand celebration.

Since World Cup 2022 tickets have strict procedures in place for transfer and ownership, the sellers who list their options go through rigorous verification before getting listed to ensure every fan gets a verified ticket to their hand.

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