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The World’s Wealthiest Athletes Including a Surprise to Top the List

The sports industry is one of the biggest in the world, growing exponentially. With so much money going into your favorite sports teams, you have probably wondered: who are the wealthiest athletes in the world, past and present? Do you have a name in mind?

Former wrestler and WWE CEO, Vince McMahon

Surprised to see him on the list? McMahon inherited control of the WWE from his father and remains a majority owner of the business. His sports career has definitely been overshadowed by his incredible success as the head of the WWE. Even though his athletic accomplishments are a thing of the past now, his stock is still high. He figures into top betting sites for WWE matches. Worth? $2 Billion

Two-time threat, Ion Tiriac

This Romanian billionaire was a professional in two sports: tennis and ice hockey. After retiring from both he focused on growing his business and fortune. But he is still connected to sports, as the owner of the famous Madrid Tennis Tournament, and manager of a French tennis player, Lucas Pouille.

Worth? $2 Billion

Six-time champ, Michael Jordan

Michel Jordan is the most well-known athlete on this list, which explains why he is so rich. Magic Mike made his fortune by using his sports fame to create a billion-dollar brand that is still at the top of the list in commerce worldwide. Jordan is a fierce competitor in everything from games you would find at casino sites to basketball, and it probably applies to his business style as well. Maybe his competitive nature and will to win are the secrets to Jordan’s success.

Worth? $1.2 Billion

Golf master, Tiger Woods

Even after he underwent a scandal back in 2009 that threatened his financial dealings with brands and his reputation, he has managed to maintain his status on the wealth rankings. Tiger Woods has consistently been one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. His salary, at the moment, is about $50 million a year. Most of his fortune comes from his contracts with big brands like Nike and American Express.

Worth? $800 Million

King of speed, Michael Schumacher

This seven-time Formula One World Champion’s story is filled with great success and challenges, not just on the road. He is still one of the highest-paid athletes ever but his personal life is even more impressive than his career. Schumacher suffered a traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident that left him in a coma, he was fortunate enough to come out of it and is now continuing his recovery at home. He is a true champion in the face of adversity.

Worth? $800 Million

The MVP, Magic Johnson

Johnson, whose real first name is Earvin, is a legendary Los Angeles Lakers player who won 5 NBA championships. He made his fortune with smart investments of his basketball earnings. His company Magic Johnson Enterprises now has important partnerships with Sony Pictures and Starbucks. Magic is still connected to the sports world as a co-owner of the baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers.

What is he worth? $600 Million

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