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5 Top Drivers on the PGA Tour in 2021

When it comes to today’s golf, many weekend warriors aren’t exactly honest about their driving distance average. Some will say they can hit it 300 yards, but fail to disclose that the hole was on a downhill slope and they were aided by a high bounce off the cart path. Instead, these golfers should be thinking more about hitting the driver better. In many cases, that means taking a more conventional approach and landing your ball in the fairway. Hence, the top drivers on the tour separate themselves from the rest.

The reality is players should pay attention to the PGA Tour’s top drivers and learn how a good tee-shot can give you a chance to make par on a tough hole.

Bryson DeChambeau

To the surprise of no one, Bryson DeChambeau leads the PGA Tour in (321.1) driving distance this season. The record-breaking numbers have been aided by his body transformation and increasing the clubhead speed upon impact. DeChambeau studied physics at Southern Methodist University, so it was not surprising that it came easy for him to dissect his swing. For DeChambeau, he wanted to build a swing off the tee that works for any situation. He needs the results to be identical in length, lie angle, and loft going in same degree increments. If not, then DeChambeau will make the necessary adjustments. And one thing for certain: he is fun to watch.

Cameron Champ

The slender frame does make Cameron Champ an afterthought. But he does have good results from the tee as Champ averages 318.4 yards per drive. He utilizes a simple technique of visualizing his tee-shot, then reaping the rewards. Champ wants the ball to carry farther and land with a friendly roll.

In an interview with, his instructor Sean Foley said Champ could easily drive the ball 340 yards off the tee, but his accuracy would be offline. Now, Champ hits 310 yards tee-shots that gain a 40-yard roll because of the landing angle. This subtle change to his approach has allowed Champ to lead the PGA Tour (317.9 yards) in driving distance two seasons ago.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy is one of the more popular golfers on the PGA Tour today and one of golf’s top moneymakers. It is more about how he pounds the ball off the tee than the attraction. When McIlroy is on top of his game, no other tour player can match him on (318.2 yards) distance and (77 percent) accuracy. It has allowed him to use his irons as a major advantage over the competition. This approach has helped McIlroy to win two majors in his career.

Wyndham Clark

Wyndham Clark has averaged just under 300 yards off the tee since joining the tour in 2019. But this season, Clark’s driving distance has gotten better as he averages 317.3 yards per drive. The statistical numbers do not lie as he becomes one of the top drivers on the tour. The jury is still out if Clark’s newfound distance is a gateway to being a consistent tour winner.

Will Gordon

Will Gordon has one of the sweetest swings on the tour, and the drives (314.6 yards) off the tee have become a major part of his game. All you have to do is look at the statistical numbers to see how much of a weapon it has become. Gordon’s edge comes not only from the length but also on improved accuracy (54 percent). It could put him in a position to win his first tourney this season.

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