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Top 5 Richest Golfers In The World

A sport where the slightest tendencies decide the ultimate outcome. Getting to the green at the PGA Championships, or placing high in the Masters Tournament has a huge impact on what a professional golfer can rake in. Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 richest golfers in the world.

5. Gary Player

With an estimated net worth of 250 million, the South African golfer has amassed over 165 international tournament wins. Consequently, his performances and earnings have led to his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Despite his storied career, he is also a successful businessman, and a writer. Most importantly, he has earned 9 major championships, and 73 Sunshine Tours.

4. Greg Norman

Coming in with an estimated net worth of 300 million, Greg Norman tops the list in the number four spot. Interestingly, the Australian golfer has mainly stuck with the PGA Tour, the Tour of Australasia, and the European Tour. Since Norman cemented his spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame, he has also acquired 91 international titles, and two major titles. Norman was also an ambassador for developing a casino resort in tropical north Queensland, created for those who want more than just playing games online.

3. Jack Nicklaus

Taking the number three spot, Nicklaus has a net worth of 320 million. Now considered one of the greatest golfers ever, the American professional has obtained a record of 18 major championships. While mostly participating in PGA Tours, Nicklaus in his later life has acquired great wealth through his entrepreneurial efforts, and golf course designs. Lastly, the American golfer is responsible for creating “The Memorial Tournament”.

2. Phil Mickelson

In second place, Mickelson has a whopping net worth of 400 million. While mostly playing in PGA Tours, the American golfer has recorded five major championships. At the age of 46, Mickelson is a well known figure in America, often featured in commercials. For instance, he has several endorsements like, Ford, Rolex, and Exxon Mobile that add to his wealth. In light of his tournament success, Mickelson has also earned a whopping 65 million in tournament winnings.

1. Tiger Woods

To no one’s surprise, Woods tops the list with a commanding net worth of 800 million. The most popular golfing professional in the world, Woods’s golfing resume is nothing short of brilliant. Even though Woods has mostly competed in the European Tour and the PGA Tour, he has left a definite stamp on the game. Having recorded 14 major championships, the 41-year old has left the world in a state of awe. The professional also holds many endorsements, like Nike, Monster Energy, and Rolex too. As of right now, that is our top five richest golfers in the world.

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