The Deuce will debut in the IFL in 2020

Cody Barber, The Deuce
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This morning the Indoor Football League announced a slight change to the rules for the 2020 season. This year the IFL will introduce “The Deuce” as another way to score points.

As a refresher the National Arena League also uses the rule, and the basic premise is if the kickoff goes through the uprights the kicking team gets two points.

The Deuce will debut in the IFL in 2020

There are some changes in comparison to how the National Arena League uses their rule however.

The biggest of these being that the deuce only comes into play during the last 60 second of each half. The NAL, on the other hand, allows it through the entire game.

The breakdown of the rule has been added to the rule book and is below, verbatum:

1. On a free kick in the final 60 seconds of the half or game, if the kick passes through the uprights, a two (2) point “Deuce” is scored, and the ball will be spotted at the B 5 as the touchback spot.

2. If Team A fouls during the kick and the kick is good, the “Deuce” is not scored, and the ball is spotted at the 25-yard line. The kick will not be repeated.

3. If Team B fouls during the kick and the kick is good, the foul is declined by rule and the ball is spotted at the five (5) yard line. (Exception: UNR/UNS fouls will be enforced half the distance from the five (5) yard line.)

“We believe this rule will add additional excitement and strategy at the end of each half, but it’s limited to only the end of each half as to not affect the integrity of our game,” IFL Commissioner Todd Tryon said in a release. “We had some great conversations as to how to implement the Deuce and I think we all ultimately came to the best use of the new rule. I’m excited to see it play out this season.”

Players have already started sounding off on social media about the rule.

We’ll get our first look at how teams utilize this extra wrinkle to the rule book in the first game of the season two weeks from Saturday. Quad City and Cedar Rapids will open the year on March 7.