F1 1000: A glorious milestone for a glorious sport.

So here we are. F1 1000. It’s been a stupendous road filled with hairpins, chicanes, and the Herman Tilke 90 degree turn for good measure. But with all that said and done it’s truly a milestone worth shouting about.

Before the celebration comes the disappointment. This race should have been in a more historic circuit. Formula 1 bosses did indeed attempt to have it moved to a more historic circuit than shanghai but weather restrictions and organisation limitations meant that simply was not possible. A shame but the show must go on.

Of the 1000 races there has been countless overtakes, a plethora of unbelievable moments and things the fans will savour forever. For every Senna victory there was a dud Mercedes walkover in the hybrid era.

For every Canada 2011 there was, well a Valencia 2011. For every Japan 1992 there was an Australia 2015. For every Schumacher win there was a Maldonado one, well not quite but Spain 2012 a memorable race no less.

Formula 1 has had some of the greatest champions in sports history. Fangio, Ascari, Prost, Senna, Schumacher, Vettel, Hamilton all names every child around the globe can roll off the tongue as fast as any soccer star all in the great name of Motorsport and all in the name of our beloved F1.

A sport like no other, the fact this dangerous thrill ride has made it to 1000 races is a testament to the hard work and dedication that went into making it safer even when the cars got faster and faster. The good has always been taken with the bad.

Some of the most educated fans around, few who follow F1 can be described as casuals and this diehard fan base is what has kept the wheels quite literally turning on the F1 train.

So, let F1 1000 be a celebration of what this sport is: a carbon, flying, wheel spinning, engine turning, fuel burning, sweat inducing, high octane, adrenaline thrill ride that no F1 fan would dare want to see stop any time soon and for that we all say, long may it continue the road to F1 2000!
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