Barnstormers sign trick-shot, twitter-famous Kicker

Iowa Barnstormers kicker Nathan Criswell exited the field Saturday night following his team’s 59-48 win over Cedar Rapids aided by a pair of crutches.

He didn’t have much to say.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with it, I still have to get it looked at,” Criswell said, with his knee dawning a brace and medical wrap.

The former Iowa Central Triton was coming off two straight weeks of perfect performances, but now looks to be out with an injury to his kicking leg.

The news broke on twitter Monday afternoon that a new kicker was on his way to Des Moines, signifying that Criswell’s injury was serious.

Rightfully so, the new man in charge of putting footballs through the uprights is twitter sensation Dalton Hall.

Hall, out of Tuskegee University in Alabama, has accumulated just shy of 3,000 followers on twitter (2,957) thanks to a variety of trick-shot videos he posts on a regular basis.

His current pinned tweet features himself making a 70-yard field goal on Tuskegee’s practice field.

The dude can boot it, and that’s not even the craziest one.

Hall has filmed himself hitting a telephone poll from 50 yards out while blindfolded, a 60-yarder from the hash mark, among others.

The Barnstormers will continue their 2019 season on Sunday, when they travel to Bismarck, North Dakota to take on the winless Bismarck Bucks. The game kicks off at 2:00 p.m. CT and will be live-streamed on YouTube, like every IFL game this season.

LWOS will have live updates on Twitter at @LWOS_IndoorFB.

2019 Indoor Football League Standings
Position Team Record GB
1 Iowa 5-0
1 Arizona 5-0
3 Sioux Falls 5-1 0.5
4 Green Bay 4-2 1.5
5 Tucson 3-2 2
6 Nebraska 3-3 2.5
Playoff Cutoff
7 Quad City 2-4 3.5
8 Cedar Rapids 1-4 4
10 Bismarck 0-5 5
10 San Diego 0-5 5

Indoor Football League Week 7 Schedule
Saturday, April 13
7:05 p.m. Nebraska Danger (3-3) @ Green Bay Blizzard (4-2)
Sunday, April 14
2:00 p.m. Iowa Barnstormers (5-0) @ Bismarck Bucks (0-5)
5:00 p.m. Arizona Rattlers (5-0) @ Tucson Sugar Skulls (3-2)
7:05 p.m. Cedar Rapids River Kings (1-4) @ San Diego Strike Force (0-5)

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