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LWOS Grey Cup Predictions

Grey Cup Predictions

A few weeks ago our staff released our complete 2018 CFL Playoff predictions, only writer Jeff Burns predicted the proper matchup for the 106th Grey Cup, so we’re doing this again. Without further ado, the LWOS CFL writers Grey Cup Predictions.

Stephen Bolen

Twitter: @stevebolen22

Calgary Stampeders 33 – Ottawa Redblacks 25

Grey Cup Most Valuable Player: Eric Rogers 

Grey Cup Most Outstanding Canadian: Brad Sinopoli

Well, I got one-half of my original playoff predictions right when we released our playoff predictions two weeks ago. My green goggles hindered my picks in the West. Now that it’s down to two teams, I can make an un-bias educated “guess” as to who will take home the 106th Grey Cup.

Calgary can’t possibly lose three Grey Cups in a row, right? As I mentioned earlier this week, this game means a lot to Bo Levi Mitchell’s legacy and I believe he will deliver. This is the most battle-tested team the Stampeders have fielded in years with injuries to their receiving core and a late regular season slump.

I believe the adversity pays dividends coming into this one. Trevor Harris lit up the Tiger-Cats in the East Final for six touchdowns; I can’t see a repeat performance of that game. Calgary’s defence is much too strong. While the score will be close, it will never really feel like the Redblacks are in this one.

Jeff Burns

Twitter: @LWOSJeffBurns

Calgary Stampeders 38 – Ottawa Redblacks 33

Grey Cup MVP: Bo Levi Mitchell

Grey Cup Most Outstanding Canadian: Alex Singleton

The Ottawa Redblacks are competing in their third Grey Cup since rejoining the league in 2014. An incredible feat by any standards.

Coming into the Grey Cup rematch, the Redblacks are riding a four-game winning streak and are averaging almost 34 points per game on offence in that time. Although the Stampeders have an incredible defence this year, Ottawa will put up enough points to win. Unfortunately, the points will likely be scored toward the end of the contest when the outcome has already been decided.

The Calgary Stampeders have been the class of the league for over a decade now. Since 2008 the Stampeders have amassed an incredible regular season record of 142-52-3. In the same time frame, they have been to 5 Grey cup and have won two of them.

However, the storyline coming into this Grey Cup match is the Stampeders inability to win when it matters most. Despite being heavy favourites in the last two Grey Cups (2016 & 2017), the Stamps have come up empty both times.

Both times it has been Bo Levi Mitchell at quarterback so no way he loses this one right?


This is a motivated quarterback on a motivated team and they will get the job done on Sunday.

Nik Kowalski

Twitter: @LWOSNikKowalski

Ottawa Redblacks 27 – Calgary Stampeders 23

Grey Cup MVP: Trevor Harris

Grey Cup Most Outstanding Canadian: Antoine Pruneau

If Calgary were healthy at receiver, I’d be confident in the Stamps pulling out a decently-sized win. But they’re not, and Ottawa will key on taking away Eric Rogers from Bo Levi Mitchell.

The Redblacks are a solid football team top to bottom, and Trevor Harris has what it takes to outsmart a great Calgary defence. Ottawa’s versatility on offence, speed on defence, and excellent special teams makes me think they can defeat a vulnerable Stamps team (despite an impressive defensive showing last week).

If Diontae Spencer can get behind Calgary’s secondary early, the underneath passes to Brad Sinopoli should be there, and Ottawa can then play whichever scheme they want. Trevor Harris can lose this game for Ottawa with untimely interceptions, but he also has the capability to blow the Stamps out of the water. Ottawa’s consistency is still questionable, especially against Calgary, but something about this Stampeders team and Grey Cup wins don’t mix.

Trevor Harris goes for 325-plus yards, finds the holes in Calgary’s defence, and Bo Levi Mitchell and Eric Rogers can only do so much.

The Ottawa Redblacks win the 106th Grey Cup.

Stephen Paish

Twitter: @Stephen_paish

Ottawa Redblacks 34 – Calgary Stampeders 28

Grey Cup MVP: Trevor Harris

Grey Cup Most Outstanding Canadian: Lewis Ward

Like the falling of the leaves, Calgary losing in the Grey Cup is almost an annual tradition. This year will be no different. The Redblacks offence showed that they can execute at a high level against the Tiger-Cats and I expect them to be more than the Stampeders can handle. Trevor Harris will dissect the Stampeders’ defence and even when the Stamps manage to make a stand Lewis Wars will still add points.

Bo-Levi Mitchell will be good but nowhere near the level of a Most Outstanding Player. Unlike the Patriots, the program that Coach Dickenson aspires to mimic, Calgary will again demonstrate that they can’t win the big one and Edmontonians will go home happy.

Brendan Panikkar

Twitter: @Panikkar37

Ottawa Redblacks 23 – Calgary Stampeders 20

Grey Cup MVP: Trevor Harris

Grey Cup Most Outstanding Canadian: Brad Sinopoli 

Yes. The Calgary Stampeders will make it to the Grey Cup and lose for a third straight season. Why? The same reasons will crop back up. The Calgary Stampeders have a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot in the big game and they can’t afford to do it again in 2018 against a much improved Ottawa RedBlacks team that they lost to in 2016. Enough about the Calgary side of things. This will be the game Trevor Harris finally cements himself as a franchise quarterback in the CFL. Harris has long teetered on the cusp of becoming truly great only to take a few steps back. If his game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats proved anything, it’s that he’s here to stay and continue to rip free from his old label of just “not being quite there yet.”

Like the past two Grey Cups, it will come down to the wire and a game seemingly in Calgary’s hands will slip through their fingers. Look for another key Bo Levi Mitchell interception being thrown, and maybe it’s to Jonathon Rose, who many think shouldn’t be playing Sunday. Trevor Harris and Brad Sinopoli drive down the field and connect for a game-winning touchdown. Calgary chokes again. The East wins again. Grey Cup goes back to the Nations Capital and stays in Ontario for the third straight year.

The Last Word

There you have it. Our writers Grey Cup predictions for the 106th edition of the big game. Agree? Disagree? Let us hear it! Leave a comment under the article or reach out to us on Facebook (@LWOScfl) or Twitter (@LastWordOnCFL).

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