Riders Offence: Enough to Make You Cry

Riders Offence

The Riders offence is choosing to live and die by the run, screen passes and hitch throws. That’s Jones’ story and he’s sticking to it. In Arielle Zerr’s post-game interview, she caught some interesting tidbits on what Jones envisions for the offence going forward:

The only problem with this thinking is that there is no Bo Levi Mitchell on the Riders depth-chart and their number one receiver is playing defence. While we have seen this gameplan of a strong run game, taking care of the ball and outstanding defence and special teams work before for many different teams across the CFL and NFL. (The 2013 Seahawks come to mind). However, the plan quickly unravels if turnovers are committed and the Riders have had no shortage of those.

Brandon Bridge

The mysterious season of Brandon Bridge continues as he is doing enough to keep the Riders in games but not enough to push them further. A quick departure from the electrifying playmaker we saw just a season ago. Whether that’s the result of Stephen McAdoo’s play calling or Bridge’s decisions is a moot point at this juncture, the facts remain that the offence is not producing at a high enough clip to keep up with a team like Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg. Which means that this team is not ready to compete for a Grey Cup.


Despite spotting the Stampeders a quick 24 points in the first quarter, they played admirably down the stretch just allowing 10 points in the next three quarters. The defence is the heart and soul of this team and if there’s a bright spot to be found within this game, it’s that down the stretch, Rider fans can count on this side of the ball to keep them in games. Charleston Hughes is continuing his stellar campaign adding two more sacks to his season tally, bringing him to a total of eight. Tobi Antigha has also been a standout player over the last two games in coverage amassing two interceptions.

The Last Word

Whether fans like it or not, this is the identity of the Riders offence going forward. To expect anything different week-to-week would be foolish. Perhaps in another timeline, if the Riders don’t spot the Stamps 24 points and they win the game. But until Jones and McAdoo’s vision of the Riders offence comes to fruition, expect an inconsistent Riders team week-to-week while they figure it out. While the timing couldn’t be worse with a gauntlet of Western Division matchups on the horizon, that’s the reality. And hey, worst case scenario for the Riders, they can always cross over into a putrid East Division and roll the dice there come November.

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    1. I agree, Len. It’s likely the 2nd-place team in the East will have a losing record. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean much come playoffs. Homefield advantage seems to take precedence purely based off of the dismal win % of teams crossing over. But I much rather that than meeting Edmonton, Winnipeg or Calgary.

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