Josh Gable tries to bounce back after heartbreaking loss

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That was the line for Josh Gable’s field goals made during the Iowa Barnstormers 51-49 loss to the Sioux Falls Storm on Saturday.

Gable’s last field goal attempt came with 57 seconds left in the game, from 39 yards out. Iowa held an eight-point lead. A field goal would effectively clinch both the win and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Wide left.

Sioux Falls would take over, score a touchdown along with a two-point conversion, and earn a safety off of a blocked field goal to win the game for the Storm.

Gable didn’t see the field again on Saturday, ending one of the most forgettable games of his indoor career.

Josh Gable tries to bounce back after Heartbreaking loss

“It was very tough,” Gable said. “Obviously, if the team puts you in a situation to benefit yourself and also to help the team, you [want to come through]. They count on me and I felt like I wasn’t dependable that game.”

It was a rarity to not be dependable for Gable.

Gable has seen it all. He’s had two stints with the New England Patriots and another this summer with the Indianapolis Colts.

“Any time someone gets called by Bill Belichik twice, they’re a good player,” Barnstormers coach Dixie Wooten said.

Not to mention, a year ago when he was in the IFL between his NFL time, Gable kicked a 57-yard field goal through the uprights to give the Nebraska Danger a win over the Cedar Rapids Titans.

He’s had the success. A lot of it, in fact compared to the history of indoor kickers trying to make it big.

Though, he has never had quite a defeating game like Saturday’s, and fans on social media let him hear it, even if he didn’t read it.

“I cant control trolls,” Gable said. “I cant control anything. As long as I focus on what I need to do to help the team out, all the social media stuff shouldn’t really matter. It just comes with football.”

Comments that tagged Gable and plainly read, “Gable sucks,” circulated on Facebook.

Gable said he understood the fans frustrations, and was disappointed in himself as well, but at the end of the day, his fans are his fans.

“Whatever the fans say, they can say,” Gable said. “I love them regardless.”

Now, the Nebraska native turns his attention to bouncing back like he has done many times in the past.

“I felt really great this week,” Gable said. “Really fresh. I’m fully confident in my abilities and what I can do, and I’ll be able to show out for that game on Saturday.

Not only is he confident in himself, but Wooten and the rest of his staff know that he can get the job done.

“I have all of the confidence in the world in him,” Wooten said. “I see him every day in practice, I see him be hard on himself. I think he’s a great player.”

The staff brought in Gable two weeks ago to replace Cody Barber in the kicking spot, and despite his struggles, have been behind him ever since.

“They’ve welcomed me with open arms and fed me confidence every day that I’ve been here,” Gable said. “That’s big.”

Gable and the Barnstormers will battle the Cedar Rapids Titans for home-field advantage in the IFL this Saturday at Wells Fargo Arena.

Kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. CT and can be live streamed on YouTube for free.

“I know I’m much better than that [last showing],” Gable said. “I’ll get another shot.”