Texas Loses Their Fourth Game to Wichita Force

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Last nights game between the Wichita Force and the Texas Revolution kicked off for week 6. For the Force, they were trying to get win number two and the Revolution were trying to get their first. To start the game, a tornado warning delayed the game 15 minutes. So at 7:25 pm CST the ball game started.

With both teams needing a win desperately, this should be a fun and competitive game. In last nights game, both teams needed a new signal caller, so both teams signed a new quarterback. Tanner Marsh was the Revolutions new quarterback. He maybe new to the CIF, but he is not new to the indoor game. In Marsh’s first game, he finished with 10-26, 130 yards, no touchdowns, and no interceptions. In the first half, Marsh had a chance to score early on in the first quarter. When the play unfolded around him, he could have ran it in, but decided to pass the ball which ended up incompleted and turned it over on downs.

Running back Darius Fudge attempted to keep the Texas Revolution in the contest. He put up 9 rushing attempts, 24 yards, 3 touchdowns. On one of those touchdowns, the Revs had to use one of their challenge as it was originally ruled no touchdown. After looking at the replays, the officials changed their call giving Fudge the touchdown. After the game, Darius Fudge was named the player of the game.

For the Texas Revolution, a new quarterback was not the only new signing. They also signed a new kicker. Jarrod Haynes is the new kicker. In his first game, he struggled and did not have a leg up on the competition. He did well on the field goals finishing with 3-4. However, his night took a turn for the worse on the extra points. Out of three extra points attempted he converted none of them and he scored a total of nine points.

On the visiting side, the Wichita Force is at 1-2 and in 3rd place in the South Conference. on the offensive side of the ball, Rocky Hinds is the new quarterback. In his debut game against the Texas Revolution, he put up some decent numbers. 8-27, 74 yards, a touchdown, an interception.

Running back Jalen Sykes had a night to remember. Not only did he have 12 rushing attempts for 77 yards, but his one and only touchdown of the game came in the fourth quarter with 2 minutes left. Sykes’s 8-yard rushing touchdown and receiver DA Allen 2-point conversion sealed the victory for the Wichita Force.

As it stands right now, it looks like the Texas Revolution, who won the CIF Champions Bowl last year is out of the running to make the playoffs since it’s a 12-game season and they already have 4 loses on the season.

Next Saturday, the Wichita Force will be back at home taking on the Sioux City Bandits while the Texas Revolution will be on the road taking on the Duke City Gladiators for the second time. The last time these two teams meet was on March 17 at the Dr. Pepper Arena. The Gladiators defeated the Revolution 36-12 giving Texas loss number two.


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