Lucas Hefty returns to Iowa Barnstormers for 2018

After making a last minute adjustment to their 2018 roster, the Iowa Barnstormers have re-signed wide receiver Lucas Hefty.

Hefty returns to Des Moines, IA for his third season with the Barnstormers and second with fellow receivers Brady Roland and Ryan Balentine.

Lucas Hefty returns to Iowa Barnstormers for 2018

The former Upper Iowa Peacock ended 2017 with 474 yards yards on the season. Along with Roland’s 911, and Balentine’s 715, the three combined for 2,100 yards.

Hefty also was able to corral eight touchdowns last season under first-year head coach Dixie Wooten.

“Building this year’s roster, the thing I was looking for the most is players who play with a high football IQ,” Wooten said in a release. “Getting young players with a high football IQ is important when you only have two weeks of camp to get ready for a season. This is professional football. Everybody has talent, what separates good players from great players is the high IQ.”

The trio helped Iowa to a 13-3 mark last season before being upended on the road by the Sioux Falls Storm in the conference championship game.

With all three returning, the Barnstormers’ 2018 roster will feature three of the top five IFL wide receivers in terms of career yardage, as Hefty nears the century mark.

Iowa’s roster is now filled for training camp with 32 players heading into the pre-season.

The Barnstormers will open the season on the road when they take on the Nebraska Danger on Friday, February 23. The game will kick off at 7:00 p.m. and will be streamed live on YouTube.

Active IFL Receiving Yardage Leaders
1. Ryan Balentine (Iowa) / 3,713
2. Mike Tatum (Sioux Falls) / 2,942
3. Brady Roland (Iowa) / 2,660
4. Judd Harold (Sioux Falls) / 1,675
5. Lucas Hefty (Iowa) / 970
6. Anthony Amos (Arizona) / 602
7. Connor Hollenbeck (Cedar Rapids) / 550
8. Eric Thomas (Nebraska) / 543
9. Jamal Miles (Arizona) / 375
10. Melvin German lll (Sioux Falls) / 277
*Stats per Indoor Football League, all yards are career totals

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