PGA Tour Wives Keep Hope Alive

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With humanity gorging on selfish acts, it’s delightful to see that the PTWA (PGA Tour Wives Association) is giving back. This vision was introduced in 1988, by a few PGA Wives, who wanted to positively impact communities around tour stops. Since then, they’ve grown to one hundred members strong and are every bit as stout outside the ropes, as their significant others are inside them.

Living up to their mission & vision, these ladies are helping children and families, from all walks of life. Subsequently, they’ve tilled the soil and planted hope and love for future generations. These seeds of compassion and charity have blossomed into a difference making, barrier breaking, hope bringing, fountain of goodness, that flows across this great land.

PGA Tour Wives Keep Hope Alive

Whether with time or treasure (approximately $5 million), they’ve taken matters into their own hands and sometimes that has literally been the case. To that point, the PTWA has worked with Habitat for Humanity, built vegetable gardens at schools and constructed healthy lifestyles.

The most impressive part, is the fact they do not have to do any of it. They could just as easily go to the golf course and then go home, but they don’t. Credit should be given where credit is due and they are definitely deserving. We could go on for days, talking about their achievements and events, but here are a few that showcase their heart.

Whiffle Ball Tourney for Blessings in a Backpack (Sea Island, Georgia)

An epic battle of whiffle ball pitting the Wives against Players, for a great cause. All the proceeds go toward the Blessings in a Backpack program, which helps provide weekend meals to needy children, from a local school ($35,000 raised).

SEA ISLAND, GEORGIA – NOVEMBER 15: TOUR wives team pose for a photo during the annual TOUR Wives Association wiffle ball charity game for The RSM Classic at Sea Island Resort Seaside Course on November 15, 2016 in Sea Island, Georgia. (Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR)

Operation Shower (Palm Harbor, Florida)

“At ease soldiers…” You’ve definitely been appreciated, as they proceeded to give 30 military mothers-to-be a baby shower. These women were either active military themselves, or married to active/deployed personnel. Each mother received lunch and a care package, with gifts for them and their child. A beautiful idea and an even better group of recipients.

These Kids Can Play! Wolfson Children’s Hospital (Ponte Vedre, Florida)

An event, which had music and animals from the Jacksonville Zoo. Children and their families were treated to lunch, beautiful sounds and interesting creatures, giving them a much needed break from difficult times. In conjunction with EverBank, they were able to raise $60,000 for 200 families.

The PTWA visits University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, Texas)

Is there anything more heart wrenching than a child struggling with a serious illness? The PTWA visited the hospital and brought a little joy to the young patients. They played games and grew smiles on faces that really needed it. In addition, they donated $10,000 toward in-house summer camps and a Prom Night.

As you can see, from this small sample, the PTWA is a wonderful association doing what it set out to do, touch lives. We should all take notice of their accomplishments and find our own way of making a difference.

No amount of charity is too small and no choice to serve is trivial. Be a beacon of light in your own neck of the woods, giving the less fortunate a shot at tasting the sun’s bounty.

The act of giving hope and love to the country is not a publicity stunt for these ladies. In fact, I’d be willing to bet you didn’t even know their association existed. And that’s the beauty of it. The PTWA does not look for attention, does not search out a camera and certainly does not expect applause. Well, maybe a golf clap…

If interested in learning more or donating, please go to for information.