2017 Indoor Football League Mid-Season Report

The Indoor Football League has completed nine weeks of its 18-week regular season schedule. This means indoor football analyst Connor Ferguson has sat down to bring you his 2017 Indoor Football League mid-season report.

2017 Indoor Football League Mid-Season Preview

All-IFL Teams

The first item to check off on the agenda is how I believe the IFL teams look right now. A few of the positions have a lot of very talented players that didn’t make it into this piece, so I’ll dive into those.

At the quarterback spot, Charles McCullum is the clear favorite and deserves his first team spot. However, Verlon Reed won the second team spot over Lorenzo Brown of Sioux Falls. The two have similar numbers, but Reed has made some eye-opening plays so far which gave him the spot.

Javicz Jones and Nikolas Sierra were selected to the linebacker spots, but there are a plethora of talented players in the league at the position. Spokane’s Andrew Jackson has grabbed 6.5 tackles for loss on top of his 40 tackles this year. Not to mention, Green Bay’s Karl Mickelson who is also sitting in the top ten with six tackles for a loss.

First Team

QB: Charles McCullum, Wichita Falls Nighthawks
RB: Robbie Rouse, Sioux Falls Storm
Wide Receiver: Jordan Jolly, Wichita Falls Nighthawks
WR: Marquel Willis, Green Bay Blizzard
WR: Damond Powell, Cedar Rapids Titans
Offensive Lineman: Rashaud Mungro, Sioux Falls Storm
OL: Dangelo McCray, Iowa Barnstormers
OL: Siosifa Tufunga, Spokane Empire

Defensive Lineman: John Griggs, Spokane Empire
DL: Ra’Shawde Meyers, Iowa Barnstomers
DL: Xzavie Jackson, Nebraska Danger
LB: Javicz Jones, Iowa Barnstormers
Defensive Back: Manny Asprilla, Green Bay Blizzard
DB: Adam Sauder, Arizona Rattlers
DB: Trey Wofford, Nebraska Danger

K: Justin Syrovatka, Sioux Falls Storm
KR: Jamal Miles, Arizona Rattlers

Second team All-IFL

QB: Verlon Reed, Salt Lake Screaming Eagles
RB: Rob Brown, Nebraska Danger
Wide Receiver: Brady Roland, Iowa Barnstormers
WR: Cy Strahm, Salt Lake Screaming Eagles
WR: Ryan Balentine, Iowa Barnstormers
Offensive Lineman: Chad Kolumber, Colorado Crush
OL: Jordan Mosely, Arizona Rattlers
OL: Darius Savage, Nebraska Danger

Defensive Lineman: Claude Davis, Sioux Falls Storm
DL: Chris Martin, Cedar Rapids Titans
DL: Chris McCallister, Arizona Rattlers
LB: Nikolas Sierra, Nebraska Danger
Defensive Back: Vincent Taylor, Iowa Barnstormers
DB: Derrick Brown, Colorado Crush
DB: Tony Grimes, Cedar Rapids

K: Sawyer Petre, Arizona Rattlers
KR: Tyler Williams, Wichita Falls Nighthawks

Individual Awards

The individual awards were a little bit easier to select than the all-IFL awards. Each of these players (and coach) were standing alone at the top of their respective categories.

Charles McCullum is by far the best quarterback in the league, and his numbers show it. McCullum leads the league in completion percentage, passing yards, yards per game, and touchdowns. Without him, the Nighthawks offense would not be the dominating force that it is today.

The Iowa Barnstormers have turned things around. Dixie Wooten has taken a team that went 4-12 in 2016, and lost 11 of their last 12 games, and surpassed that four-game win total in seven games.

Wooten has recruited some of the best players in the league and it is showing. One player that he didn’t have to recruit is his defensive captain, Javicz Jones. Jones is in his third year in Des Moines, but he is having his best season of his career. Jones leads the league in tackles, tackles per game, and is a dominate force in each game.

As for the special teams player of the year, Sioux Falls’ Justin Syrovatka leads the league in point totals by 14. Syrovatka also knotched a perfect six field goals and four extra points in 10 attempts, good for 22 points in the Storm’s win against Cedar Rapids.

MVP: Charles McCullum, Wichita Falls Nighthawks
Offensive player of the year: Lorenzo Brown, Sioux Falls Storm
Defensive player of the year: Javicz Jones, Iowa Barnstormers
Special Teams player of the year: Justin Syrovatka, Sioux Falls Storm
Coach of the year: Dixie Wooten, Iowa Barnstormers

Power Rankings

Now for the power rankings, which feature an interesting development concerning the playoff format.

The playoff format that the league is using this season gives the best two teams in each conference a spot in the playoffs.

The way things are looking right now, the three best teams in the entire league reside in the United Conference and the Barnstormers showed things could stay that way with their most recent 48-14 win over Nebraska.

This would mean Iowa could miss the playoffs after having the 3rd best record in the league.

Power Rankings
1. Sioux Falls Storm
2. Wichita Falls Nighthawks
3. Iowa Barnstormers
4. Spokane Empire
5. Arizona Rattlers
6. Green Bay Blizzard
7. Nebraska Danger
8. Cedar Rapids Titans
9. Salt Lake Screaming Eagles
10. Colorado Crush