Alvin Kamara 2017 NFL Draft Profile

Via Last Word On Pro Football, by Jocelyn Berg

 Running back
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 215 pounds
School: Tennessee Volunteers

Alvin Kamara 2017 NFL Draft Profile

Alvin Kamara never really got the chance to put his talents to full use. At Tennessee, he was part of a crowded backfield with Jalen Hurd, John Kelly, and mobile quarterback Joshua DobbsKamara was just third on the team in rushing yards and attempts, showing how underused he was. However, he was tied for second on team in receptions with 40 and third in receiving yards with his 392. Tennessee utilized his hands nearly as much as they did his legs.

Kamara flashed the versatility and skills of a high level NFL starter. He isn’t one-dimensional like a lot of backs are, instead possessing a broad skill set that would allow him to be an every down back. He isn’t limited to a certain type of run either, and can thrive both outside and between the tackles. Great burst and acceleration allow him to hit holes hard and fast, getting him big gains on inside runs while his speed and elusiveness allow him to gain yardage in chunks outside.

When he picks up speed and turns that corner outside the tackle, Kamara becomes a home run threat. He can juke defenders out of their socks or hit them with nasty stiff arm to create extra yardage for himself. In addition to having the agility to pull off those moves, he also has the strength to break tackles and the balance to keep driving forward in traffic.

This season Kamara put up a nice stat line considering his light usage. He put up 596 yards on 103 attempts to go with nine touchdowns on the ground. Through the air he picked up four scores along with 392 yards and four touchdowns. His career stats from his time at Tennessee in two seasons are 210 carries for 1,294 yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. Kamara also tallied 74 receptions for 683 yards while finding the end zone seven times on receptions.

  • Incredible hands.
  • Fast.
  • Good at forcing missed tackles.
  • Doesn’t shy away from contact.
  • Elusive.
  • Shows enough strength to break arm tackles.
  • Great burst and acceleration.
  • Agile.


  • Inconsistent vision.
  • Runs into defenders rather than waiting for a blocker.
  • Has to improve instincts.
  • History of knee injuries causes concern over durability.

NFL Comparison: Jamaal Charles

Teams With Need at Position: Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, New York Giants,  Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks

Projection: Late first round to early second round

Bottom Line

Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara is a well-rounded, complete running back prospect worthy of a first round selection. Due to his low usage he doesn’t have the eye-popping stats of some of the other guys in the class like Dalvin CookChristian McCaffrey, and Leonard Fournette, but he undoubtedly is just as talented. Reminiscent of the the Chiefs Jamaal Charles with his sure hands and electric rushing abilities, he’ll be a consistent playmaker for any offense he gets plugged into. If he can avoid the injury bug and stay healthy, Kamara has Pro Bowl potential when he reaches the NFL.