2017 Indoor Football League Season Preview

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The Indoor Football League season kicks off tomorrow night. The Sioux Falls Storm are the sure fire favorite to win the United Bowl again in 2017. They are the six-time defending champions.

There’s new challenges standing in their way, however. The Arizona Rattlers join the IFL after leaving the Arena Football League. The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles are a new franchise all together.

Other IFL teams, including the Nebraska Danger and Spokane Empire, will also be looking to de-throne the Storm and win the title.

2017 Indoor Football League Season Preview

There will be 10 teams playing during the 2017 season. What makes this season stand out from the rest is that every game will be streamed on YouTube. This is the first time fans outside of the arenas will be able to see the action live.

What is also different is that two teams will be run by the fans. The Colorado Crush and Screaming Eagles will be run by something called Project FANchise. What this means is that fans will call the plays the teams will run.

In 2016, four of the 10 teams finished with 10 or more wins. Expect that number to climb to at least five if the same teams win 10 or more games in 2017. The Rattlers will be the fifth team, as they always find ways to pull off 10-win seasons.

If the Screaming Eagles also finish with 10 or more wins, that would make six teams. More than half the league would have double-digit wins.

The Rattlers and Screaming Eagles replace two teams that played last year. The Billings Wolves folded after never paying their bills. The Tri-Cities Fever left the league, but may return in 2018. That is still up in the air.

No matter which teams play and which teams don’t, the 2017 Indoor Football League is looking like it will be a good one.

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