Jordan Hicks Could be the Next Brian Dawkins

Take a step back real quick, that’s a pretty big statement. In the eyes of Eagles fans, Brian Dawkins is a legend with a place in everyone’s heart as an all-time great. No player will ever come close to him in Philadelphia, but Jordan Hicks will be the next best thing and long-term defensive star for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jordan Hicks Could be the Next Brian Dawkins

Let’s take a moment to examine just what exactly made Brian Dawkins the electrifying player Eagles fans cherish him as. He was a big-hitter, gave his all on every play, and lifted up the entire defense around him. Dawkins was the leader of the team as a whole, pumping everyone up before the game with his signature “animal crawl” coming out of the tunnel before a game.

Turning to Jordan Hicks, he possesses many of the same qualities that Dawkins had.


There is no denying that Hicks is a playmaker, which is what makes him so fun to watch. He is a big-hitter, like Dawkins, and thus forces a lot of fumbles with a formidable presence against the passing game as well.

The defining moment in his rookie season was his performance against the Dallas Cowboys. During the game, with a free rush at the quarterback, he recorded his first sack of the season, which subsequently knocked Romo out of the game and season.

The second time the Eagles faced Dallas, he continued to cause problems for the opposing offense. He got his second interception of the season, in which he took all the way down the field for a touchdown. It was a pivotal moment in the game that gave the Eagles the lead, 21-14, in the 4th Quarter.

Jordan Hicks’ nickname might as well be “The Cowboy Killer!”


Hicks leadership on the field is unmatched by any other player on the defense besides Malcolm Jenkins. Hicks directs his teammates, helping line them up correctly before the ball is snapped. He also has the most important job on defense, because he is the play-caller. He receives a play from the sideline in his helmet and needs to communicate the play to everyone else. It’s obvious that the other players on the defense play better when Jordan Hicks is on the field.


The major thing that fans look for in defensive stars is passion. As for Hicks, he wears his heart on his sleeve every snap. Philadelphia fans love his toughness on the field and passion for the game.

He’s the Cornerstone of the Defense for Years to Come

With questionable depth at linebacker, Jordan Hicks is a fresh breath of stability for the Eagles defense. There is no question that he’ll pick up right where he left off from last season, when it was sadly cut short by a pectoral tear. He was on a path that may have even lead to Defensive Rookie of the Year. He is an impressive talent for only his second year in the league. It’s a sigh of relief for Eagles fans knowing that they have their starting middle linebacker for years to come.