Kasey Kahne is Brutally Honest

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So maybe Kasey Kahne‘s frustrations are finally creeping to the surface.  He was quoted as saying that he is fully aware of his lack of performance since joining Team Hendrick.  And that if his performance doesn’t pick up, he doesn’t deserve to be with Team Hendrick. He knows that a change will eventually be needed.

And while he continues to say that the recent hiring of William Byron has nothing to do with his decision, he knows he has under performed for the organization.  His last win came in 2014 and to him, that’s not well enough.

Kasey Kahne is Brutally Honest

Kahne is correct, but it is difficult to explain why he hasn’t run better. Some will argue this but Hendrick has the best motors, chassis, and engineers  in the garage area; so why the lack of on track performance?

First off, while it is near impossible to determine the problem from afar, it is noteworthy that Kahne had the courage to speak out about his struggles. That could not have been easy.  As with any sport one chooses to take part in, one must know know exactly where he stands as far as skill level and ranking.  It doesn’t take long to figure out where one stands. Right now Kahne is struggling more than any other Hendrick driver.

Many were excited when Kenny Schrader joined Team Hendrick to drive the 25 Budweiser Chevy.   And wondered aloud why he struggled and never won multiple races like his teammates did.  Maybe it’s too difficult to join a winning team, too much pressure, not sure, but maybe a change is indeed needed. Rick Hendrick would never simply push him out but the fact he hired up and coming star William Byron could be a subtle hint. After all, it is a business, and all involved know that.

Maybe Kahne would excel in a team like Furniture Row, a single car team, who knows, guess we will wait and see.

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