Why Trevor Harris Should be Ottawa’s Starter

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The most recent game for the Ottawa Redblacks was a game to forget to say the least. The team played terrible as a whole in their 43-19 blowout loss to the Montreal Alouettes. After a poor performance like that and quarterback Trevor Harris nearing return to the active roster, there are questions the team will have to answer. One question in particular to be focused on is, who should the starter be for the quarterback role? It is a tough question for the team to answer, especially with two winning quarterbacks who have been proven winners. Although, Harris is the quarterback that should have advantage for the starter role for a few reasons.

Why Trevor Harris Should be Ottawa’s Starter

Burris Has to Take Some Responsibility

To be clear, the loss being entirely at the fault of Henry Burris is not what is being said here. Burris just has to take some responsibility for their losses. That includes even when the rest of his teammates let him down. Yes, the offensive line, defensive line, secondary, and special teams all let him down throughout the game. Still, no blame can be put solely on a specific group of players.

Everyone has to take responsibility and move on to the next game. There were a few drops by a number of receivers to count throughout the game that didn’t help the team either, as well as an interception. Everyone should take a fair share of the blame for the loss and that includes Burris. The team just has to accept that nobody played good enough and move on.

Harris is Starter Worthy, the Stats Don’t Lie

Dating back to last season with the Toronto Argonauts, Harris has posted stats that prove he can easily be a starter in the league. While he filled in for the injured Ricky Ray last season, he had the most passing touchdowns in the league (33) and 4354 passing yards. In addition to that, his pass completion accuracy was at 71%.

In his five games of playing time he saw with the Redblacks, he continued to be dominant. He got injured in the game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders and only played a few snaps then. However, in the four games he played in whole or a majority of, the team went 3-0-1. Harris’ stats up to date in total with the Redblacks are amazing. He 82% pass accuracy (106/129 passes completed), which is the best out of any starting quarterback in the league. In addition, he has 1499 yards, nine passing touchdowns, only one interception, and a 139.0 efficiency rating.

You can say what you want about the quarterback situation. But Harris is the better quarterback now and should be the starter when he returns.

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