Sweet FA 2016-17 Podcast Two: Changing European Competitions for the Better

Welcome to the second Sweet FA podcast of the 2016-17 season. Regular panellists, Robert Mitchell and Hugo Jennings, discuss how to change European football for the better, as well as the changes being discussed by UEFA which could make it much worse.

First, we discuss all things Champions League. The show starts off with a look at the history of the competition, mainly focusing on the format. How does the current system compare to previous formats? Does the monopoly enjoyed by the “super clubs” ruin it? Is having multiple teams from each league better than having only the champions in the competition?

Next comes what do with Europe’s secondary competitions. Would reducing the number of teams in the Champions League make for a better Europa League? Hugo argues the case for a summer competition for lower league teams and both panellists entertain the idea of a return of the Cup Winners’ Cup.

Finally, we talk about two ideas being floated about by the powers that be which could ruin football. First, that teams could qualify for the Champions League based on financial revenue instead of league position. Hugo and Rob explain why this will ruin both domestic and continental football. Next, we talk about the proposed “European Super League” and why this will end up causing the death of football in the long-term.

Robert Mitchell covers a range of sports for Lastwordonsports.com, including the NFL, Rugby, Formula 1 and the Premier League. Author of the Co$t of Winning column focused on the business of sport, he is also the host of Last Word Radio’s Rugby show Absolute Flanker and an analyst on Sweet FA.

Hugo is the Editor-in-Chief of LWOS World, a regular on Sweet FA and occasional panellist on Treble Radio. He mostly writes about Arsenal, Spanish football and cricket. He is a season-ticket holder at Arsenal.