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The Jon Jones Saga Continues: What Happened Now?

In another twist in the Jon Jones saga, today has shown a new development that could bring the interim light heavyweight champion back into the fold once again. But with this new development, how does this look not just on Jones, but what does this say to those in the MMA community as well as Dana White and company to the ever changing “cleaning up” of the sport.

The Jones Saga Continues: What Happened Now?

Earlier today, Dana white went on “The Jim Rome Show” and told the host Jim Rome that maybe Jones didn’t really take the performance enhanced drug that everyone thought he took and disqualified him from the UFC 200 main event. Dana White said on the show, “It’s coming back now that it looks like that he did not take the supplement that everybody thought he took, and we will see how this thing plays out.” Jones tested positive for Hydroxy-clomiphene, an anti-estrogenic agent, and Letrozole metabolite, an aromatase inhibitor — both of which are banned substances in and out of competition.

What do other competitors think?

Being that he has been the longtime rival of Jones, Daniel Cormier knew he would be asked something about this new piece of information and apparently a fan decided to tweet to the current light heavyweight champion saying that he should sue the USADA for improper testing and try and get more money out of the fight that could’ve been with Jones. Cormier tweeted back at the fan saying, “Me sue USADA?… Why would I sue USADA? Jon did take something. Just something different than originally thought.” This seems like a very professional statement from Cormier and it will be interesting to see how the future plays out for Cormier and the rest of the division as this new development occurs.

Will the Fans ever forgive Jones?

The biggest question coming out of this situation for Jones is how the fans will react to him possibly having a tainted sample and getting a chance to finally claim the gold without any fiasco? As a fan of Jones myself, its hard for me to really say whether or not this new insight is worth holding my breath over but at the same time we could see one of the all-time greats back into the octagon and fight for the title once again.

Many of those who see Jones as someone who is a cheater and cannot be welcomed back with open arms will probably stay the way they are but at the same time for UFC executives, Jon Jones is someone who will give the promotion big time ratings as well as someone who will bring big time Pay-per-view gates. So for now, we will wait for further news on whether Jon Jones is really coming back or this is just another pathway to him being on the shelf.



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