The NFL’s Forgotten Six: Tennessee Titans Wide Receivers, Part 3

The receiving corps of an NFL team can often make or break them. This is the case for the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have put together the offensive line that is needed to allow Marcus Mariota to progress in his development, but are still waiting on the receivers to get to that level. The 2016-2017 season rides on the production of their receivers and will put a lot of responsibility on Tajae Sharpe and Andre Johnson.

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The NFL’s Forgotten Six: Tennessee Titans Wide Receivers, Part 3

Tajae Sharpe

Tajae Sharpe was the Titans fifth round pick in this last draft. Sharpe was the best receiver, stat wise, in the history of UMass. He is another one of those possession receivers, but has the ability to make some big time plays down the field. He has really nice hands and can get just enough separation to get open.

A lot of people saw him as a small school guy who could make their roster and maybe help their team down the road. Well, Sharpe has proved these people wrong so far in camp. Sharpe has been running with the first team for much of the Titans off-season camp. He has been one of the only two consistent receivers during camp. Most importantly, Marcus Mariota has looked comfortable with him.

It is very possible that he will begin the season as a starting receiver and will be under scouted during the first part of the season. Sharpe is poised for a great rookie season and could be the most important receiver on this team.

Andre Johnson

Johnson was one the the best receivers in the league for all 12 years with the Texans. He was known as a big time “Z” receiver who could make any play for his quarterback. He had very reliable hands and was extremely reliable. However, that was his first 11 years.

In year 13, he got off to a good start with the Colts and Andrew Luck. Once Luck got injured, he couldn’t connect with the other Colts quarterbacks. The Titans signed him before camp this year and are not counting on Johnson to be his old self. They need him to be a third or fourth receiver who can come in and make a catch or two a game.

Also, he can give needed advice to the young group of receivers on the roster (this is not the main reason he was brought in, however). There is no guaranteed spot on the Titans for Johnson, but the coaching staff seems to really like him and he should make the 53 man roster. He is another one of those guys who could be sneaky good this season.

Quick note: The Titans have a couple of other receivers who could make the roster in Tre McBride and Harry Douglas, both who could contribute to this team. However, they both have some things going against them. Harry Douglas was not very convincing last season and is on the downhill portion of his career. McBride is inexperienced and his only chance to make the roster would be on special teams most likely.