Will it be Callum Wilson’s Time?

Will it be Callum Wilson’s Time?

Bournemouth in the big leagues

Last season, AFC Bournemouth found themselves in the Premier League. Through their grit, determination and good fortune, the Cherries had secured themselves new heights – oh, and they were dizzying. They were the second south coast team and everyone was fully on board. However, it was more the merits of mostly one striker, Callum Wilson, which had earned them their treasured place. 23 goals were slung into the back of the net by the Coventry-born man, so it was a huge shame that he was ruled out of play with a long-term injury so quickly. But, could now be Callum Wilson’s time to shine?

Wilson in 2016/17

Now, back on the field and ready to take on Manchester United in the first game of the season, Wilson is raring to go. After the huge blow to the team at the turn of 2015/16, the 24-year-old is insistent that he’s back with a vengeance. In recent news, he’s basically claimed he’s stronger for suffered the ligament damage.

Finishing 16th in the Premier League back in May, a mere three points ahead of lucky Sunderland, they didn’t bring much home. I’d say this had a lot to do with Wilson’s absence. Plus, the team morale after his injury among that of other players wasn’t really set to inspire. So, it was hardly a surprise that the novices weren’t all too electrifying (although, look at Leicester…).

It was a season of draws, losses and occasional wins. It was more an exercise in saying hello to the new regime rather than absolutely smashing it. But, surely this could be the time to shine, with Wilson on the pitch?

Eddie Howe

Let’s also not forget that Eddie Howe was under a lot of pressure and scrutiny. The speculation about his tactics was rife. But, interestingly, it wasn’t enough to disregard him from being among the betting man’s replacement England manager list. If Howe had left, what would have happened to Bournemouth? Would they have been left in tatters this season, or would they have found a different path? There are so many questions underlying this team.

Wilson was the subject of a West Ham bid this summer. But fans have been reassured that he’s staying and he really wants it. This is certainly good to hear, but can he score so readily again? Will he top 23 goals and look like the fresh-footed Jamie Vardy of the current campaign? That remains to be seen, but Wilson’s renowned for taking charge after the midfield has performed its duty, so he should be able to convert. However, we all know one-man-bands don’t last, so is it really Wilson’s time – or has he had it?