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Shelton Benjamin Injury Prevents WWE Return

Shelton Benjamin took to Twitter to announce he has a torn rotator cuff. This injury shall prevent his return to WWE indefinitely, a blow for him and the company.

Shelton Benjamin Injury Prevents WWE Return

Effects of the Injury

Shelton Benjamin’s injury has occurred at the worst possible time. With his WWE return imminent, this is not something the company would have prepared for. Set to return to Smackdown Live!, there is no doubt the Gold Standard would have been a great addition to the brand’s roster. Benjamin would have proved great enhancement talent for the brand. However due to a torn rotator cuff, Shelton Benjamin’s anticipated return to WWE shall have to wait for now.

Benjamin’s Future

Due to injury Shelton Benjamin now faces time away from wrestling. In addition to missing out on a WWE return, prognoses have the 41 year old set to miss the rest of 2016, as well as early 2017. Benjamin confirmed via Twitter he is set to undergo surgery. While his absence remains a blow for WWE, it shall also affect Benjamin’s career. At the ripe age of 41 Benjamin can still perform at the highest level. The question becomes for how much longer?

Benjamin’s style relies on a solid technical wrestling base, he was an NCAA wrestler after all.  However, it has evolved due to his high level of athleticism. Benjamin can work a number of different styles, from technical wrestling, to hard hitting, and is even well known for his high-flying. Over the last several years, Benjamin has showed off his abilities in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Noah. He has been both a singles star, and part of a tag-team with long-time partner Charlie Haas. Benjamin recently had exciting matches with Naomichi Marufuji, Go Shiozaki, and Takashi Sugiura.

Where Does the WWE go from here?

WWE was bringing in Benjamin to provide some name recognition and a solid worker to the SmackDown Brand. Since the WWE Draft several weeks ago there has been plenty of opportunity for new talent on both Raw and Smackdown. In the wake of Benjamin’s absence, Smackdown will need to find another talent for this mid-card opportunity. This could involve looking at someone who has not gotten much of a chance recently, or it could involve looking to call someone up from NXT. The WWE could also be scouring Japan, TNA, RoH, and the independent scene looking for the next great young talent.

The timing of Shelton Benjamin’s injury is unfortunate for both him and WWE. Hopefully once healed and medically cleared WWE will still be open to a return for The Gold Standard in the near future.


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